Bigg Boss 13 has new wild card entries in the house this week, Arhaan Khan, Madhurima Tuli and Shefali Bagga. Now, Arhaan’s ex-girlfriend and actor Amrita Dhanua has alleged that he borrowed Rs 5 lakh from when he was jobless and till now didn’t return the money to her. In an interview with TOI, she revealed that she has filed a police complaint against the actor at Oshiwara police station for not returning her money.

She also revealed that Arhaan has cheated on her several times while they were in a five-year-long live-in relationship with her. She also believes that his relationship with Rashami Desai is also a ‘drama’.

She said, “I asked Arhaan to return the money that he borrowed from me while we were in a five-year live-in relationship (2006-2010). When I saw him on Bigg Boss, I tried to reach out to him through the media but he clearly refused and said that he doesn’t know me. That’s why I had to approach the police. I have written that he hasn’t returned the money and had also promised me marriage. He was new to Mumbai, from that time we were in a relationship. He took me to his place in Jaipur and met his family. I never ever imagined that he will vanish after five years of relationship. It feels disgusted and it means he was just using me. I loved him but it was a trap from his side. History is repeating with Rashami.”

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When asked if she asked Arhaan to return her money, she said, “I asked him for money before he could do Bigg Boss. He promised me that he will do some show and return all the money. He did not even inform me that he’s doing Bigg Boss. He was just sitting at home for four years because he did nothing I would send him the money because I was doing movies and all. When I asked him to do something of his own, he told me that he will go back to Jaipur and join his father’s business. He said that he’ll get some money from there and then support me. We were together from 2006-2010 and then he just vanished when I told him that he should do something of his own.”

When asked the reason why she had to go to the police, she said, “I think the media supported me and that is why Arhaan got evicted so that he could come outside and settle things with me. He did not get in touch. In fact, he totally denied and told in front of the media that he doesn’t know me. This hurt me a lot and this was the reason that I had to go to the police.”