The episode starts with Asim, Shefali and Vishal giving a tight hug. Then Asim talks to Hindustani Bhau about protesting against Team Siddharth Shukla.

The housemates wake up to ‘Ruk Ruk Ruk’ song. Vishal Aditya Singh and Asim Riaz and group plan to steal the luxury budget if the weekly budget does not come (after Vishal and Rashami stole pasta). They also plan to boycott Sidharth’s captaincy.

Shehnaz Gill asks if anybody will help Hindustani Bhau in cleaning. Shefali agrees to help him. She states he has body pain. Shehnaz and Mahira ask Bhau to speak up now. He keeps his head down and is quiet. Arti points out at Himanshi that vessels need to be cleaned. She refuses that Himanshi’s name shouldn’t be taken in front of him. Asim states Bhau was assigned the duty, and there is an argument between Shehnaz-Mahira and Asim when the latter refuses to help Bhau. Asim and Shehnaaz fight over helping Hindustani Bhau with washing utensils as the latter is unwell. But Asim refuses to help him and he and Shehaaz get into a war of words.

Sidharth gets angry with Shefali for not cleaning the dining table. Later on, Bhau is seen cleaning the bedroom and when Himanshi interferes, he then refuses and tells her to ask Asim to stay away from him.

Hindustani Bhau is hurt by everyone and tells Himanshi that he was hurt by how Asim refused to help him with duties when he is unwell. He asks Himanshi to tell Asim that he will never speak to him.

Shehnaz tells Paras and Shukla that despite duties, the team is discussing ration. Shukla states it is because of their stealing as he still very angry with Rashami and Vishal. Rashami tells Bhau that the other team shows people another picture. Shehnaz says Bhau that Asim is playing the real game.

Wildcards Madhurima Tuli, Shefali Bagga and Arhaan Khan enter the secret room blindfolded and are informed that there will be a task involving them. Meanwhile, Shefali announces the Nazarandaz task where the three will enter the house one-after-one, and they will have to be ignored. They will join the house as contestants and will be judged based on the task which they do.

The first entry is done by Arhaan Khan and the entire house is shocked, seeing him. Without looking here and there, Arhaan straightly goes to Rashami and starts flirting with her. He even shows her the ring he bought. But sadly, Rashami didn’t react to Arhaan. After his exit, Arti hugs an emotional Rashami and tells her that she saw the ring and got her answer.

Madhurima Tuli is the second one to enter the house. As she enters, the housemates shift their eyes to focus on Vishal Aditya Singh, whose mood becomes visibly upset. Rashami and Shehaaz gets excited and Mahurima catches her. Shehnaaz questions Vishal over his love for Madhurima Tuli and he only blushes. Rashami points out that Vishal was sweet to open the doors for Madhurima and Shefali teases him that Vishal and Madhurima are still in love.

All girls tease Vishal and Bhau says he found Madhurima also danger like her. Housemates discuss she will come, and Vishal feels she won’t come.

Shefali is the third one to enter the house. She directly goes to Shehnaz because she was epecting some reaction from there. She keeps giving flying kisses to Sana. And then, Sana broke the silence and hugged Shefali gives her a forehead kiss. Bagga apologizes to Gill about the talks.

Shefali then goes to Arti and tells her she is strong and she is a genuine friend. Bagga asks her not to cry for anyone. Paras states his perfume is over and asks for a hug. She states his mother has sent a message. Paras can barely ignore her. He eats the apple on her face. Paras ends up giving her a hug all over the house.

After the bell rings, Mahira also reacts and hugs her. As per Bigg Boss, the wildcards won the task and they enter the house.

Shehnaz and Vishal talk where he confesses that he still loves Madhurima but not like before and says that he respects her. Madhurima goes to the kitchen to greet Vishal, but he leaves and consciously avoids her.

Rashami can be seen pulling Arhaan’s hair as she confessed her love to Arhaan when he was leaving the last time from the house. When Mahira asks them to do it again, Rashami says she feels shy and embarrassed. Rashami is left overwhelmed when Arhaan Khan goes down on one knee and proposes to his lady love. The entire house teases Arhaan to give Rashami the ring.

Later on, Arhaan asks Paras his behaviour with Rashami. Chhabra says it was scripting and Arhaan warns him not to ditch her or him. Paras asks Arhaan to leave if he can’t abuse. Arhaan then talks about Asim incident and states what Paras did was wrong. Arhaan asks Paras to not go to that level ever again.

Madhurima reveals to Shefali and Rashami that despite ending things on a civil note after Nach Baliye 9, Vishal had said some things about her in the media that she wants to sort out here. On the other hand, Vishal states he has moved on in life. Then he says her voice is pinching in his head. Mahira talks to Paras, who is upset as Shefali and Arhaan brought up the Asim topic.

Paras is still sure he won’t tolerate things. Vishal comes when Paras abuses. Paras asks Vishal to consider Madhurima a plus point.

Vishal discusses with Mahira that his ex’s presence is pinching him. Vishal tells Shehnaaz that they had severe compatibility issues. Vishal also calls their relationship ‘Abusive’.

Vishal wants to go to the confession room as he doesn’t want to play the game with Madhurima and wants to clear things with Bigg Boss. Madhurima finally comes to Vishal and talk to him. She feels he is shocked. Vishal is shocked by people’s talks. Madhurima states she has come to play, and reminds him that whatever he is, is because of her.

Arhaan, meanwhile, asks Rashami to become a lion. He talks about the eye contact between her and Sidharth Shukla. Arhaan asks Rashami to open up whatever happened between her and Shukla. He asks if Rashami and Siddharth want to be friends or enemy. He says that Rashami smiles after fighting with Shukla. Arhaan trusts Rashami but asks her not to do anything which shows her in a bad light. Looks like he is jealous of Shukla.