Today’s episode starts with Rashami Desai, Asim Riaz, Shefali Zariwala, and Himanshi discussing Sidharth Shukla’s decision about not returning the luxury budget items and making the whole house suffer. They think Sidharth was illogical in his decision. Rashami tells Asim to ask why didn’t he consult the team before making his decision on the same.

Song ‘Swag Se Swagat’ plays and all the contestants dance to the tunes of it. Paras asks Shukla to talk to Rashami for tea. Shehnaz goes to Rashami for the same and she ignores her. On one side Rashami Desai and Asim are adamant to use two packets of milk to make tea for all the housemates, on the other side Captain Sidharth orders to use one packet. This results in an ugly fight between Sid and Rashami. The actress calls him useless captain, Sidharth calls her a ‘chor’. Rashami calls him illogical talks and captaincy. Shehnaz states that Rashami spoke today after long and she stated stupidly. Vishal asks if Shukla is Bigg Boss.

On the other hand, Paras Chhabra and Arhaan Khan are sitting in the garden area and talking about Chhabra’s girlfriend and his tattoo ‘Akanksha’ written on his wrist. He says that can remove anytime. He also tells Arhaan that Akanksha had given him the go-ahead to move on in life.

Sidharth Shukla asks Hindustani Bhau if the contestants are his world. Bhau states Shukla’s temper and going behind that person is wrong. Shukla states he knows what he’s doing. He also goes on to say that people take advantage of him, which is why he has to state things clearly. He also talks about Rashami’s ehsaan. He also asks Rashami to open up about all allegations.

Asim flirts with Himanshi and he admits that guitars play for him when he is around Himanshi. He finds her cute and states they all find her cute. She asks if he sees anything except her and he refuses.

Bigg Boss gives the power to captain Sidharth Shukla to nominate housemates. He has to choose one among two given housemates to nominate who will enter the pool area and will stay there till Bigg Boss asks them to. The first choice for the captain is among Asim and Mahira. He picks Asim to nominate and saves Mahira, calling her his friend.

In the second round, Sidharth chose Hindustani Bhau. And then again nominates Himanshi as well as Shefali Zariwala. Captain picks Arti to save when given a choice between her and Paras Chhabra. This makes Shehnaaz shocked as well as upset. She swears to not talk to Sid over this decision.

Shehnaaz then states she wants to go to Shukla and Vishal asks her to go. Gill states he will ignore her. She sleeps next to him.