Bigg Boss 13: In just a few days, the game inside the Bigg Boss house seems to be getting intense and the contestants are facing using all their tricks to win the first challenge, the luxury budget task that will also decide the first queen of the house. In a quest to enter the finale approaching in 4 weeks, everyone is trying to make the right connection in the house and be safe from nominations.

Reshmi decide announces the task and again the two teams will switch the task. Team doctors will be team patient and team patients will be team doctors. Abu Malik says he is in a revenge mode and has changed his team. Siddharth discuses the strategy with the teammates. Operation theatre buzzer goes on and Bigg Boss asks the team to operate the ear and nominates Asif and Siddharth for the task. Siddharth and Asif get into a fight while discussing the strategy. Asif said he doesn’t want Paras in the task and Siddharth is compelling to take Paras. The team doctor chooses Paras and Shefali for the ear task.

Arti takes revenge with Shefali and says her means words. Arti says that Shefali left her job and has come to Bigg Boss. Shefali too counter-attacks and laughs. Asif and Arti then attack Paras and he pretends that he couldn’t hear. Arti triggers him saying that he is behind every girl in the house. Arti goes on to Shefali and says that Paras has broken her heart and she can’t compete against Mahira and Shehnaz. Asif walks out of the room and Siddharth and he gets into a fight for walking out in between the task.

Once again, Bigg Boss turned on the operation theatre buzzer and nominates Koena and Siddharth for the skin treatment task. They choose Shehnaz and Mahira. Shahnaz Gill and Mahira take up the task sportingly. Deboleena breaks down into tears after Mahira and Shehnaz get tortured by the opposite team. Siddharth and Arti discuss the strength of the contestants while doing the task. Shehnaz feels uncomfortable with Siddharth Dey’s flirty behaviour and she decides to talk to him.

Bigg Boss now continues the task with the treatment of mouth and nominates Sidharth Dey and Reshmi Desai. They chose Dallijit Kaur and Deboleena.

Siddharth and Shefali get into a fight and once again Shefali says mean thing to Siddharth Shukla. Koena barges in between and separates them. Koena points out that since the time she has been nominated that is why she fighting and shouting every day. Arti asks Shukla to stop giving her attention.

Reshmi Desai and Dallijit Kaur discuss Siddharth as a contestant and as a co-worker. Reshmi says that he respects her work and has never let her down.

Bigg Boss announces Team B is the winner of the luxury task and asks the teammates to vote for the Queen of the house. Shefali says that she will vote herself for doing the task. Shehnaz and Mahira say that they will vote Devoleena. Shefali disagrees with the team’s decision of making Deboleena the first queen of the house. However, Shefali disagrees with the decision and Bigg Boss dismisses the task with no queen of the house.

Members of the ‘bigg’ house blame Shefali Bagga for no female mate being the queen of the house. Shefali gets into an argument with Deboleena, Arti, Paras, Dallijit, and others. Deboleena breaks down into tears. Koena tries to make Shefali understand and to no vail. Koena points out that she has no confidence, Koena comes to the other roommates and tells them that she wants that if she is in a team and the team wins task because of her then for the reward, the team will nominate her.

On the other hand, Shehnaz Gill tells Pras that she doesn’t want to win the game. Then, she goes to Shefali to make her understand and says that she is being selfish. She also says that voting Deboleena was a team’s decision. To which, Shefali says that she will play her game.

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