In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, ex-couple Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh were seen teasing and talking to each other when Vishal tells her that he feels discomfort after she pulls his cheeks and they eventually fall into sleep. The next morning, Vishal comes to Madhrima and says if things in their relationship will go her way. She tells him that he was ignoring her since morning and eventually it lead into a fight.

Later on, Madhurima accuses him of hugging and being close to other girls in the house and calls him an opportunist. She then reveals to Rashami that they fell in love on the sets of Chandrakanta but their relationship was always on and off. She also says that he made her feel not very important in his life and never made her feel special which led to their constant fights and they eventually broke up.

Earlier, Madhurima will be seen kissing Vishal while he is asleep. Soon they hug each other and get romantically involved with each other. Earlier, Arti was seen trying to make them sort out the things. Later, Mahira made them say ‘I Love You’ to each other.

Lately, they exchanged an ugly war of words where they called each other names. During the fight, Madhurima called him ‘the most disgusting man’ and he told her that she is worthless. Vishal also said that she had slapped him thrice during the fight and she was ashamed of the relationship.

Vishal asks Madhurima on her decision to enter the show after knowing that he is already a part of the show and especially due to their constant fights. Madhurima says that even she wanted to come to the show and there is nothing to be upset about. However, Madhurima walks out of the room in order to calm down and Vishal breaks down into tears.

Earlier, Madhurima Tuli also talked about staying with Vishal in the house and said, “Nach Baliye 9 ke chakkar mein chaar mahine nikal liye. So I don’t think staying with him will be that difficult for me. I am taking this as a challenge and I’m all set to face him. Just because we are exes and don’t share a good past, I shouldn’t lose the opportunity to be on a big platform like Bigg Boss 13. Agar hamari ladai hui bhi, I will handle it and move forward.”