After host Salman Khan taunted housemate Shehnaaz Gill on the Weekend ka Vaar episode for her diva-like antics on Bigg Boss 13, the latter seems to be feeling the pinch. To win back lost ground, she seems to be in the mood to reunite with Sidharth Shukla. When he tells he is deeply hurt by her daily antics, Shehnaz declares that she loves him and wants him to be with her no matter what. Although her confession is loaded with high emotion, onlookers Paras and Shefali feel Shehnaz is once again faking it, just to win some fans.

On social media, fans have also given the new name #Sidnaz. While some tell it to be a good friendship, some fans believe that both have started loving each other. Shehnaaz has already said about Sidharth, there is a feeling in her heart about Siddharth. However, Siddharth has so far refrained from saying anything like this. Now for the first time, Siddharth has said such a thing about Shehnaz, knowing that his fans will also be very happy.

However, since past few days, Shehnaz’ possessiveness for Sidharth has not got unnoticed by housemates and even host Salman Khan. Even Salman Khan warned Sidharth to be careful of Shehnaaz as she is madly in love with him. He told her that Shehnaaz is extremely possessive about Sidharth and he called her possessiveness bad and unhealthy one. Shehnaz even warns Shukla to not hurt her feelings and even forces him to express his feelings in her favour. “I don’t want to win the game. I want to win you,” says Shehnaz while confessing her feelings for Sidharth Shukla.

Shehnaaz also threatened Sidharth by saying she will rip apart those who would try to come in between their relationship. “Phaad ke rakh dugi,” said Shehnaaz while issuing a warning against those who would not like to see her together with Siddharth. She also told her that he only belongs to him and she will destroy everyone trying to damage her relationship with her.

On Twitter, half of the fans say Shehnaaz is madly in love with Sidharth and others say she is faking. Let’s wait and watch what happens outside the house.

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(With inputs from IANS)