Bigg Boss 13 Weekend ka Vaar will be more interesting this time as actors Kamya Punjabi and Hiten Tejwani and Rashami Desai’s brother Gaurav Desai will be entering inside the house to show contestants the mirror. In the promo, it can be seen that Hiten tells Vikas Gupta that he is not the mastermind of the game at least not in this season. Kamya can be seen telling Shefali Jarriwala that though she is good at manipulating people, she is not a mastermind. Rashami’s brother Gaurav tells her that on national television, Arhaan Khan said that she was on road and he cannot tolerate this. Kamya further tells Arhaan that he doesn’t want to show him any mirror and calls him ‘sick’ after he hid about his child from Rashami. She further tells Rashami that this is not the Rashami Desai she knows and shows her the mirror and says that mistake is done once and not twice. She then tells her to stop being ‘spineless’.

Earlier, Rashami’s brother Gaurav blasted Arhaan and said that his sister was never on the road. Talking to Spotboye, he said, “My sister was never on road. I really don’t understand why is he even talking such things about Rashami and damaging her image. This isn’t normal to hear from your partner. Plus, the recent event that happened during the Weekend Ka Vaar was very disturbing and now he talking about my sister being on road? I’m sorry but this is rubbish and very upsetting.”

He further added, “As a family, we would want her to take the right decision for herself as she has already been through a lot in the past. We can’t see her again digging her own grave. It’s very upsetting.”

However, Rashami has forgiven Arhaan and was seen hugging and proposing him. As per the reports, Arhaan is misusing Rashami’s money and house and her parents were never in favour of the relationship and are more upset after the latest revelation.