Actor Krushna Abhishek, who wanted his sister Arti Singh to play with more vigour in Bigg Boss 13, is content with the way she has improved her game in the show. The comedian talked to a news daily and revealed that he is happy to see that Arti has stopped listening to Siddharth Shukla and is actively speaking for herself. Krushna talked to The Times of India in an interview recently and praised his sister. He said he sees a winner in Arti and he’s not saying it because she’s his sister but because he genuinely finds all the qualities of a winner in her.

Krushna said Arti used to feel conscious before speaking out earlier, especially against Siddharth, because she has always been very guarded about the respect of the family. However, now, she has understood the game and she doesn’t leave any opportunity where she has to take a stand for herself or give peace of mind to someone who’s showing her in a bad light on national television. “Now, she has already seen how people are talking to each other and using harsh words. The way Sidharth talks to her and I am happy she has started giving it back. I am glad that she is taking a stand for herself which she should do,” Krushna said.

He also mentioned that he has always asked Arti to never sit silent when it comes to compromising your respect and dignity. Krushna said Siddharth is quite mean to her and she should not shy away from telling him to step back whenever she feels offended by him. The actor, who’s currently seen in The Kapil Sharma Show, added that he is an ardent viewer of Bigg Boss 13 and has observed that Arti has completely stopped giving importance to Siddharth and that will take her ahead in the game. “I am happy she has started reacting and giving back to him. If you see the show she has stopped giving bhav (importance) to him. She should continue to be like that,” he said.

Do you agree with Krushna or you think Arti should not let her bonding with Siddharth die and play together instead?