It is always difficult for anyone to take some extra efforts and do more than what they are asked for. And when someone does something like this, the person should be appreciated. Actor Salman Khan did something similar while hosting the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13. His job is to grill the contestants on what they have done inside the house but he went the extra mile to help contestant Rashami Desai in her personal life. He told her about the reality of the man she dearly loves. He told her the details from Arhaan Khan‘s past that she was not aware of.

Salman Khan, in the Saturday episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, told Rashami Desai that Arhaan is married and a has kid from his first wife. This shook Rashami as she revealed that she was not privy to these details about Arhaan’s past even after knowing him for over a year. Salman clearly said that revealing details about someone’s past on national television is not his business or a part of his job on Bigg Boss 13 but he was doing it because he had known Rashami for a long time. The host then strictly asked the rest of the contestant to not bring this issue ever again inside the house and let Rashami and Arhaan take a call in the matter which is highly personal.

Not just this, upon realising that Rashami has broken down, he went inside the house to comfort her and lash out at Arhaan for behaving so immaturely in a relationship. He tells Arhaan that he should have told all about his past life to her before deciding to propose to her on national television.

Now there are always people on social media who are left divided on how Salman takes sides for contestants on Bigg Boss 13 in special weekend episodes. But the way he behaved responsibly and cared about a woman’s feelings is something that should definitely be lauded. A popular host for a reason!

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