Actor Siddharth Shukla who’s currently seen in Bigg Boss 13 is under fire. He is one of the popular contestants on the show and enjoys a good fan-following on social media. Inside too, he has managed to establish a bonding with a few contestants. However, what he did recently forced Bigg Boss to take strict action against him.

As seen in the preview of the next episode, Siddharth was asked to leave the show by Bigg Boss himself after he pushed Mahira Sharma during a task and showed an extreme level of aggression. Now, this is just one incident that led to the eventual big decision of Siddharth’s eviction. However, if you are an ardent follower of Bigg Boss, you would know that this is not the only incident when Siddharth showed his totally unavoidable aggression on the show.

He might be a popular man both inside and outside the house but time and again, Siddharth has proved that he has absolutely no control over his aggression. In last night’s episode, it was seen that he tried to provoke Mahira to have an argument with him. This means that he was totally prepared and wanted to have a fight with her. His intentions seemed clear when he forced Mahira to sit with him and make him learn how to chop vegetables. Mahira tried her best to sort out the situation without showing that she was getting annoyed however Siddharth repeated the same behaviour and the next time when Mahira was cooking and he was asked to perform his duty of helping in the kitchen work.

The audience would remember how, earlier, during his first fight with Mahira, he completely stooped low in his argument. Siddharth seems quite smart because he never uses inappropriate language for any woman inside the house but his tone and gestures towards them appear insulting. In fact, the way he looks at Mahira and other women he never liked in the house (read Rashami Desai), it is clear just how much of disrespect he carries in his eyes.

Siddharth Shukla in Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Colors TV)

Arti Singh, who’s one of his confidants in the house and is a strong part of the group led by Siddharth, is always so full of her bond with dear Sid. However, not even once did Siddharth showed the same level of affection for her. The only time he was seen taking a stand for Arti was when Siddhartha Dey made inappropriate comments against her. However, the way Sid reacted, it was visible that he took his own time and acted when it was convenient. Though brownie points for him to take a stand!

Now, if he is paying for his own aggression even after being warned multiple times by both the contestants and host Salman Khan, then there’s no other way than taking a break and do some self-assessment.

Also, this is coming from a viewer who was all in awe of Siddharth from day 1!

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