Bigg Boss 13: The episode begins with Asim, Siddharth, Hindustani Bhau, Shefali, Himanshi talking about Aditya Vishal Singh. They mock Khesari Lal’s and Vishal’s closeness. Shehnaaz says that she has been told that Vishal is coming and he is a nice guy and how Arti has a crush on him. Arti also says that she has been told about Vishal and he is a nice guy. Vishal, on the other hand, talks about sportsmanship in the task. He further says he likes how Sidharth performs the task but doesn’t like his behaviour. Arhaan talks about Sidharth throwing spit while arguing.

The next morning, contestants wake up to ‘Dil Ka Telephone’  from Dream Girl. Devoleena asks Shehnaaz who is her good friend in the house and she says Sidharth. She next asks who is the mastermind in the house and she again takes Sidharth’s name. Vishal, Devoleena, and Reshami talk about Siddharth.

Bigg Boss announces nomination task and says that Shefali is safe as she is the captain of the house. Bigg Boss also gives Shefali the power to nominate one contestant of the house. Shefali nominates Devoleena. During the elimination round, Bigg Boss will ring the buzzer and take two contestants’ names who will go to the telephone booth built inside the house and they have to talk to each other for 15 minutes. Whichever contestant will disconnect the phone first will be nominated. Bigg announces Reshami and Paras’ name first for the task. Pras disconnects the phone and gets nominated for this week. Paras later says that since Reshami saved him earlier, it is just payback.

Bigg Boss next takes Arti and Mahira’s name. They talk about Mahira targetting Siddharth Shukla and try to clear the air. Mahira says that Arti is weak and still she was saved in the first finale. The two ladies get into an argument and none of them disconnect the phone. Mahira and Arti get nominated. Arti and Mahira continue to argue.

Bigg Boss takes Vikas and Vishal’s name. Vishal clarifies why he should not be nominated. He says that the house’s atmosphere will be better if he stays. He further says that how he feels about him in the house. Vishal disconnects the phone and gets nominated after Bhau says that it is her son’s birthday today. Shehnaaz tells Bhau in next task she will say its her father’s birthday and makes fun of the situation.

Bigg Boss asks Asim and Arhaan to go inside the telephone booth. Asim talks about the troubles they are having inside the house. He tries to clear out why Arhaan made the statement on him and said ‘Siddharth’s shadow’. Asim and Arhaan get nominated. Asim says he is enjoying the aggression so much.

Next, Khesari and Himanshi go inside the telephone booth. Himanshi says that it is her birthday month and she is not keeping well so as a favour disconnect the phone. Khesari calls Himanshi selfish. Khesari and Himanshi get nominated. Nomination task gets over.

Shehnaaz talks about Siddharth and says that she feels bad he is unwell. She says that she misses him and used to give him attention. Shefali urges her to go talk to her. Shefali then goes to Siddharth and talks to him about Shehnaaz and whatever she told her. Arti even pitched in and says that Shehnaaz told her that atleast Siddharth can talk to her.

Bigg Boss talks about the first finale and says about the wild card entries and re-entry of Reshami and Devoleena. He further talks about contestants not being worried about eliminations and how they are very slow in the show and has slept till now in the entire show. However, he applauds Shefali for being the captain of the house within a week after her entry. Bigg Boss further asks contestants to nominate the weakest contestants of the house. Mahira, Vikas, Arti, Paras, Shefali, Shehnaaz, Reshami, Devoleena takes Himanshi and Khesari’s name. Arhaan takes Khesari and Devoleena’s name. Himanshi takes her and Khesari’s name. Asim takes Devoleena and Khesari’s name. Siddharth takes Khesari and Devoleena’s name. Vishal takes Himanshi and Khesari’s name. Bigg Boss further says that if someone’s energy is low due to health issues then it not talking about that ‘Sleeping’ contestants.

House inmates nominate Khesari Lal Yadav and Himanshi Khurana. Bigg Boss further announces that they will not be sleeping and will be guarding the bedrooms. If they sleep, all the lights of the house will be switched on and other inmates will wake up. Paras further takes Himanshi’s side that we all can be awake with her. Asim, on the other hand, says that she needs to sleep as she is ill. Bigg Boss calls the captain of the house Shefali inside the confession room and says that two members have to take the punishment and they have to nominate another person for the punishment instead of Himanshi. Contestants decide Arhaan Khan’s name instead of Himanshi.

Khesari talks about the nominations to Shehnaaz. He says that he has done a mistake by coming on the show as he is not being seen. Shefali makes him understand.

Shehnaaz Goes to Siddharth’s bed and keeps flowers beside him. Siddharth then drags her on the bed and hugs. Shehnaaz and Siddharth patch up. While Vishal is talking about kitchen duties and chaos and arguments created earlier, Bigg Boss turns on the lights and rings the buzzer. Arhaan and Khesari say that they didn’t sleep. On the other hand, Siddharth and Shehnaaz hold hands and sleep. Paras is surprised looking at them. Paras and Arhaan talk about their patch up.