The day starts with a rocking song, Bhag Bhag Bhag Sher Aya Sher from Gully Boy. Shefali and Asim can be seen talking about Sidharth and Shehnaz’s patch up story. Actually, Shahnaz Gill had brought flowers to convince Siddharth last night, he forgave Shehnaz and they hugged each other. Meanwhile, Rashami, Vishal, Paras and Mahira are shocked to see Shehnaaz’s personality.

The housemates are having a fun moment where Hindustani Bhau teases Vishal do you want to confess his love for Arti Singh and he said yes. Everyone in the house is laughing out loud and joking with Arti and she is blushing, Vishal tells Arti do you want to friendship with me and she said yes. Shehnaaz pulls Vishal Singh’s leg on the same and tells Vishal that Arti likes him and wants to connect. Further, she also adds that Arti does not mind even marrying Vishal.

Devoleena, on the other hand during breakfast points out that she has made egg bhurji for the housemates. She says if someone wants to eat something else that person needs to prepare the food for himself. Sidharth shouts at Hindustani Bhau and tells that he will not bhurji as he had told earlier that he doesn’t like it.

Devoleena even warned Rashami that not to act like a mom and said that she will not to any extra thing. She tells Shefali to ask everyone to maintain hygiene in the kitchen to which she agrees.

Khesari Lal Yadav gets into an argument with Sidharth Shukla. He tells not to interfere in everyone’s matter. Sidharth gets impulsive and starts being aggressive. Khesari tells Sidharth that he speaks in English all the time and when he speaks Bhojpuri sometimes, he has a problem with that.

Devoleena comes to Shukla to have a nice and polite conversation with him. Sidharth tells her that her group comes in a ‘jhund’ but doesn’t take stand for one another in the long run. He comes inside the room and tells Arti that Devoleena is a dumbass.

The captain of the house, Shefali clarifies that she has distributed all the work with the consent of everyone, so she will not say anything to anyone. Along with this, she is also asking Devoleena that according to them, what are the light and heavy tasks of the house? Meanwhile, Sidharth and Asim erupt and both of them start telling everyone the truth. Asim, who is responsible for cleaning bedrooms starts yelling at Arti and tells her to not preach the captain of the house as she knows what to do. This argument turns into a loud fight.

Sidharth tells Asim that he should keep control of his anger and shouldn’t have yelled at him in front of the other team.

Devoleena, on the other hand, cries out loud inside the washroom. She tells Rashami that she hates the way Sidharth behaves and bosses around her. She is also pissed with Paras that doesn’t pay attention to anything.

Bigg Boss has announced a new captaincy task. As per the task, Vishal, Arhaan and Asim are the three demons. Whenever a bell will ring each demon will try his best to come out of the den and the one who comes out first gets a chance to destroy one contestant’s picture.

Vishal becomes the first demon to get out of the den on the bell ring and destroys Khesari Lal Yadav’s plate and therefore he can’t be a responsible captain.