Bigg Boss 13: Tonight’s episode begins with Shehnaaz breaking opposite the team’s door and Vishal, on the contrary, breaks the door. Arhaan and Rashami also break the door. Rashami tells Shehnaaz that its not the right thing to do. Paras, Vishal get into a fight with Asim after breaking the doors. Contestants start blaming each other and gets loud while fighting. Arhaan and Shehnaaz gets into a rift after Shehnaaz says that she is not into any team. Soon, Devoleena shouts at Hindustani Bhau after she gets hurt by the broken door. Asim and Mahira also get into a fight and start taunting each other. Devoleena tries to flirt with Siddharth.

Siddharth tells Devoleena that he doesn’t like her in anyway but Devoleena says that she loves Siddharth when he smiles. Rashami, Mahira and Paras discuss about the task. Shehnaaz mocks other team after she reads the luxury food items that one of the team would have got if the task would have finished. Khesari says that Shehnaaz will blow off if she eats anymore. On the other hand, Devoleena keeps starring at Siddharth and she tries to flirt with the latter. Devoleena washes Siddharth’s painted hands. Inmates tease Siddharth and Devoleena.

Bigg Boss asks contestants to gather in the garden area. Bigg Boss blames Vishal and Arhaan for breaking the doors. Bigg Boss tells the contestants that due to their hard work they will get just one food item and inmates choose flour. Rashami and Arhaan discuss the situation of the house. Vishal mocks Asim in front of Shehnaaz and Siddharth.

The next day, contestants wake up to Tashan’s song ‘Dil Dance Mare Re’. Inmates dances to the tunes of the song. Arhaan, Shehnaaz, and Paras teases Siddharth and Devoleena after they again first in the morning. Rashami, Devoleena, and Paras talk about Shehnaaz playing smart inside the house. Devoleena says that Siddharth is not a bad person but he has bad aggression. Siddharth goes in front of the washroom where Devoleena is taking bath and tries to talk to her. Shehnaaz says to drag Siddharth inside the washroom. Soon, she comes out of the bathroom and Shehnaaz asks if she is in love with Siddharth and she says yes.

Bigg Boss asks contestants to choose two inmates for the jail punishment. Arhaan, Arti, Shefali take Paras and Mahira’s name. Arti takes Asim and Mahira’s name. Himanshi takes Mahira and Shehnaaz’s name. Hindustani Bhau takes Himanshi and Mahira’s name. Paras takes Arhaan and Vishal’s name. Rashami takes Shefali and Arti’s name. Vishal takes Shefali and Paras’ name. Siddharth takes Mahira and Paras’ name. Asim takes Paras and Mahira’s name. Bigg Boss asks Pras and Mahira to go to the jail. Rashami tells Arhaan that he has a good body, brian, good hair and he is a good human being.

Hindustani Bhau goes inside the confession room and Bigg Boss asks him to make three short videos on any three topics of the house. He starts with the task and targets Paras first and says that he flirts a lot with every new girl who comes inside the house. Next, he targets Mahira and calls her ‘bade hoonth ki chipkali‘ and he says that he fights and interferes into everyone’s matter. He says when it comes to nominations, she sheds her crocodile tears. Mahira gets offended and starts fighting with Paras. Inmates enjoy their fight. Hindustani Bhau next trolls Shehnaaz and says that she is not innocent and flips sides according to her convenience. He further says that she gets people to fight inside the house by provoking them.

Hindustani Bhau tells Shehnaaz that his target was Mahira. Khesari tells Pras that Hindustani Bhau has said a lot and Mahira is upset and locked herself inside the washroom. Paras blames Mahira for making her own fun and making chaos od the joke. Shehnaaz tells Vishal that it has hurt her ego and if she can tell people stuff, she needs to take other people’s jokes also. Mahira and Paras get into a heated argument. Siddharth and Shehnaaz enjoy the fight. Vishal tries to calm Paras and Mahira but Mahira breaks down into tears. Mahira gets hurt after Hindustani Bhau body shames her.

Devoleena tries to make Hindustani Bhau understand that there is a difference in talking about physical features and characteristics. Arti interferes and Devoleena asks her to stay out of the situation. Paras and Mahira try to sort out the misunderstanding. Mahira says that whenever Paras gives her names, other inmates make fun of it. Paras apologises to Mahira and they hug it out.

Shefali announces another task for the men of the house. All boys are divided into 3 teams with two men in each team. All the men in the house begin the task and Shehnaaz is the ‘sanchalak’ of the task. Vishal and Hindustani Bhau’s team goes first. Inmates cheer for them and they finish the task in 53 seconds. Next, Khesari and Khesari go for the task and they finish the task in 1.16 seconds. Siddharth and Asim go next and they finish the task in 1.08 seconds. Shehnaaz announces Siddharth and Asim as the winner of the house.

Devoleena burst out on Rashami for having an open heart for everyone in the house and not taking a stand for herself. Devoleena gets angry for letting Shehnaaz wear her clothes without her permission. Devoleena says that Whenever Shehnaaz wants she fights with you, back bitchs about you. She further says to take a stand for herself. She further threatens her that she will spoil her happiness if she tries to get into her way inside the house. On the other hand, Vishal and Hindustani Bhau get into a fight. Siddharth, Asim, and Hindustani Bhau have a gala time as they push each other in the pool.

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