Bigg Boss 13: Tonight’s episode begins with Salman Khan entering the stage ‘Hai Hai Mirchi’ song along with Anil Kapoor. They go inside the house through the control room and trolls Paras for wearing panther printed jacket. Salman introduces all contestants to Anil Kapoor and hilariously trolls all the contestants. Salman asks Anil to go inside the house and Pulkit enters the stage and both of them make their entry inside the house.

Salman again goes inside the house and trolls Paras after he says that we need to go to the storeroom to get things. Salman begins the task ‘Thapadh se darr nahi lagta, Vaar se lagta hai’. Shefali goes to the chair and sits. Salman asks Shefali if Arti is still confused about her game and she says yes. He then asks did Asim gave his 100% in Rakshash task and she says no. He asks that does Devoleena deserves to be in the finale and she says no. However, she gets slapped in all the questions. Hindustani goes next. Salman asks who has crocodile tears. he takes Mahira’s name. He then asks who is ‘sumde mein kumdi’. He takes Arti’s name. Salman next asks who is a twisted tail of dog inside the house and he takes Paras’ name. “Which contestant should have a mute button, asks Salman and Hindustani Bhao takes Mahira’s name. Salman asks who is wearing a mask inside the house and he takes Vishal’s name.

Next goes Paras. Salman asks if Shehnaaz is jealous of Mahira and he says yes. He then asks that out of wild card contestants, who will go into the finale and he takes Vishal’s name. Salman asks does his strategies work this time and he says not physical but mentally. He asks if Vishal can play the game alone and Paras disagrees.

Anil Kapoor and Pulkit Samrat enter inside the house and meet all the contestants. They roll the task of voting the ‘most bakwaas’ contestant of the house. Asim takes Mahira’s name. Rashami takes Vishal’s name and reason that she doesn’t know him that well. Arhaan takes Arti Singh’s name. Hindustani Bhao takes Shehnaaz’s name. Devoleena takes Shehnaa’z name. Mahira takes Asim’s name. Shehnaaz’s takes Paras’s name. Paras takes Shehnaaz’s name. Himanshi takes Mahira’s name. Vishal takes Paras’s name. Paras awarded as the ‘most bakwaas’ person inside the house.

Anil Kapoor and Pulkit Samrat take an exit from the house and enters the stage. Kriti Kharbanda and Urvashi Rautela enter the stage with a huge tiffin box for Salman Khan. They play a game with Salman and Anil Kapoor. Salman reveals that Anil Kapoor loves to roam around in his boxers and Anil reveals that Salman’s most annoying habit is that he workout while everyone else is sleeping around. Salman then goes on to reveal that Anil Kapoor’favourite female co-stars are Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit and Amrita Singh and Anil gives out a long list of Salman’s favourite co-stars that includes, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor among others. Salman reveals that Anil Kapoor will never retire. Anil reveals that best on-screen jodi so far is of Madhuri Dixit and Salman.

Salman enters the house again and announces the ‘waxing task’ for the men of the house. Hindustan Bhao goes first and Mahira will answer the questions about him. Salman asks if Siddharth will behave properly with girls of the house and Mahira answers yes. He then asks if Shehnaaz is the wisest person inside the house and she answers no and Hindustan Bhao gets his leg waxed. He then goes to ask if Paras will ever betray her and she answers no and Hindustan Bhao’s leg once again gets waxed. Salman asks if Arti and Vishal make a perfect match and Vikas gets his leg waxed.

Paras goes next and Shefali answers the question. Salman asks if Mahira will be a better captain then her and she says no. Paras gets his legs waxed. He then asks if Paras is Mahira’s manager and she says no again. Vishal goes next and Rashami answers the question. Salman asks if there is something more than friendship between Rashami and Arhaan. She answers he is more than a family. He then asks if Siddharth can control his temper and she says no. Next, he asks if Arti more deserving than her and she answers no. Vishal gets his legs waxed. Siddharth goes next and Devoleena answers the questions. She sits on the lap of Siddharth and waxes his hands. Salman if Arhaan and Siddharth will ever be friends and she says no. He next if she finds Siddharth handsome and she says yes. He then asks if Rashami is jealous of Devoleena and Arhaan’s friendship. Salman goes on to asks if Khesari’s game plan is the best plan in the house and she answers no. Siddharth gets his hand waxed.

Salman goes onto the elimination and takes Arhaan Khan and Himanshi Khurana’s names who are in danger zone. Arhaan Khan gets eliminated from the house. Rashami breaks down into the tears and goes inside the washroom. Devoleena follows her.

Paras, Siddharth, Vishal, Arti talk about Arhaan and how he was the weakest contestant. Hearing their conversation, Rashami gets upset and tries to make them understand that his thinking is different and he always plans for long term to which Paras says that to survive one has to focus on short term strategies. Rashami gets upset and walks out.

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