Bigg Boss 13: Tonight’s episode begins with Shefali announcing the captaincy task. The four contestants Siddharth, Shehnaaz, Siddharth, and Hindustani Bhao begin the task where they have to hold the frame. Shefali asks Shehnaaz to leave the frame as she left the hall room as soon as the task began and disqualified her. Shehnaaz doesn’t listen to Shefali and continue performing the task. Siddharth tells Shefali and Bhau was holding the frame with a different hand and then changed his hand. Shefali asks Bhao if he changed his hand but he denies. Then, he leaves the frame after being agitated. Siddharth and Bhao get into a heated argument. Siddharth and Asim too get into a fight.

Shehnaaz leaves the task and Paras asks Shehnaaz to provoke Himanshi and fight with her. Himanshi says that Siddharth is forcing the frame and twisting it. Siddharth says that he is here to win the task. Asim gets into an argument with Siddharth and Shehnaaz asks Asim to stay back and eventually get into a fight with Shehnaaz. Asim exchanges an ugly war of words with Shehnaaz and Siddharth.

Himanshi and Siddharth continue the task and former blames for forcing the frame on her and later Siddharth twists the frame and Himanshi gets hurt. Asim comes to Siddharth and yells at Siddharth. Later, Himanshi pushes Shehnaaz away and they get into a physical fight. While Asim takes Himanshi away, Paras and Mahira take Shehnaaz away. Shehnaaz goes to Himanshi and threatens her for pushing her. Shefali goes to Himanshi to know what has happened so that she can make a decision. Himanshi says she got hurt due to Siddharth due to his strategy. Asim says that Himanshi has won the task. On the other hand, Siddharth clarifies his stance.

Mahira and Siddharth have a moment as they kiss each other on cheeks. Himanshi and Shehnaaz continue to fight. Arti tries to make Shefali understand Siddharth’s strategy. Paras tells Shefali not to be biased this time. Himanshi tells that Siddharth has hurt her with the frame. Bigg Boss asks Shefali for her decision and Shefali and Siddharth get into an argument. Shefali announces Himanshi as the captain of the house. Asim and Paras get into a fight. Shehnaaz calls Asim loser and keeps fighting with each other.

Himanshi talks to Asim about Siddharth’s strategy going all into a vein. She says that for him today Shefali is not a friend just because of the captaincy task. Shefali asks Himanshi to not to talk to Rashami so much as she can’t trust her.

The next day, contestants wake up to ‘Mere Naal Tu Ishq’ song. Himanshi asks Khesari why he didn’t wash utensils last night. On the other hand, Vishal mimicks Himanshi and makes fun of her. Himanshi asks Paras to watch his tone. Devoleena fights for Rashami and taunts Shehnaaz for taking Rashami clothes. Rashami goes on to taunt Shehnaaz over her personal controversies. Rashami goes to talk to Himanshi and says she can’t say such things to any girl and she will go and apologises to Shehnaaz. Himanshi, Asim and Rashami says that the ‘personal’ comment was a bluff.

On the other hand, Shehnaaz talks about Rashami and her ‘personal’ comment on her. Arti and Siddharth intervene and ask Rashami and Devoleena that if they have problem with Shehnaaz borrowing their clothes, they could have said a no to her. Shehnaaz broke down into tears and Vishal, Paras try to calm her down. Devoleena says that she flips every week and that is what is wrong with Shehnaaz. Arti says that she agrees that Shehnaaz flips every week according to the situation.

Himanshi distributes the duties and asks Khesari if he will do the duty. Khesari replies that distribute duties to everyone with everyone’s presence. Khesari then says a No to the duty. Later, Himanshi goes to Mahira and tells her she will be punished for not doing their breakfast duty and tells her to give her makeup kit to her. Mahira ignores.

Rashami says that she hasn’t pointed out anything on Shehnaaz’s character and Devoleena tells her that why she is not clearing out the misunderstanding. Rashami tells her it was a bluff and they sort it out. Paras and Arti make fun of Rashami’s bluff. Paras and Devoleena talk about the entertainment element in the house after Himanshi became the captain of the house and inmates boycotted their duty. Devoleena, Himanshi, and Arti talk about Siddharth and his fight with Asim. Devoleena tells Paras that she can’t stand Siddharth and Shehnaaz as the former doesn’t know how to talk and latter can’t be trusted. Paras then convinces Devoleena to support Siddharth Shukla as a game plan.

Bigg Boss announces yet another nomination task and asks contestants to name inmates who make the show less entertaining and one inmate’s name who makes the show most entertaining. Devoleena, Shefali, Siddharth, Arti, Asim take Kheasri’s name. Mahira takes Rashami’s name. Khesari takes Rashami’s name. Shehnaaz takes Rashami’s name. Rashami takes Khesari’s name. Vikas’ takes Khesari’s name. Vishal takes Rashami’s name. Paras takes Rashami’s name. Himanshi takes Khesari’s name. Khesari Gets eliminated from the house.

Vishal broke down into tears after Khesari’s eviction and Siddharth says he is acting. Rashami Desai and Devoleena bond affected and says to her that she can’t be a puppet.

On the other hand, Himanshi finds a friend in Asim but Asim is in love with Himanshi. Shefali asks Asim to confess his love to Himanshi and he says no.

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