Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan enters the stage by welcoming the audience to ‘Weekend ka vaar’ episode. The Bharat actor gives glimpses after yesterday’s episode where Siddharth and Asim try to sort out the differences. On the other hand, Shefali tries to calm down Himanshi after Siddharth says that Himanshi and Shefali provoked Asim to fight to him. However, Siddharth and Asim patch up. Arti thinks he will be eliminated and wants to spend the remaining time with Siddharth. Salman reveals that Devoleena and Arti have received the same amount of votes and they have to vacate the house. However, they will stay until the end of the episode.

Salman introduces the task where contestants are supposed to burst-off the balloon of other inmates. Mahira, Shehnaaz, and Paras go for Shefali’s ballon. Vishal burst-off Rashami’s balloon. Siddharth bursts-off Asim’s ballon. Arti burst-off Rashami. Rashami burst-off Mahira’s ballon. Devoleena burst-off Shehnaaz ‘s balloon. Asim burst-off Paras’ ballon. Shefali burst-off Paras’ balloon. Himanshi burst-off Paras’ balloon. Hindustani Bhao burst-off Rashami’s balloon.

Salman Khan welcomes Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij who are friends of Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai. Shefali’s husband Parag Tyagi, Paras Chhabra’s girlfriend Akansha amd Asim Riaz’s brother Umar Riaz. Jay talks about Siddharth and his personality. He then talks about Rashami’s game plan and her distance with Siddharth. Mahhi says that Rashami has only given 10% in the game. Salman asks them what they think who was at fault – Siddharth and Asim. Though Mahhi, Akansha, and Jay support Shukla, Umar supports Asim and Parag says that the fault is of both of them. Mahhi and Umar get into an argument. Jay says that if we talk about aggression all contestants have leveled up. Salman defends Asim and says that Siddharth was at fault. Akanksha hails Paras’ game plan. Parag says that he disagrees especially after his comment on Shefali’s character.

Akansha reveals that the couple has a tattoo of each other’s name on their wrist. Akansha defends Shehnaaz and Paras’ relationship and calls it his ‘strategy’. Salman welcomes Rannvijay on the stage. He says he is impressed with how inmates don’t leave their housemates so easily. Contestants welcome Rannvijay inside the house and he meets everyone in the house. He then announces the task ‘BB Sitaare’. Contestants have to decide that which are the inmates who do not deserve to be in the game. Mahira and Himanshi go first. Mahira says that Rashami doesn’t deserve it since her game is weak but Himanshi disagrees and takes Paras’ name. Mahira takes Asim’s name and Himanshi agrees.

Devoleena and Hindustani Bhao go next. Devoleena takes Shehnaaz’s name. Hindustani Bhao takes Rashami’s name and Devoleena agrees but then disagrees. Devoleena then takes Paras’ name. Paras calls Rashami and Devoleena diplomatic and get into an argument. Rashami and Mahira get into an argument. Hindustani Bhao takes Mahira’s name and Devoleena agrees.

Next, go Shehnaaz and Rashami. Shehnaaz takes Rashami’s name and Shefali takes Paras’name but Shehnaaz disagrees. Shefali then takes Himanshi’s name and Shehnaaz agrees. Next, go Asim and Vishal, Asim takes Rashami’s name and Vishal agrees.

Siddharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra go next. Siddharth takes Devoleena’s name. Paras agrees with Siddharth. Arti and Rashami go next and Arti takes Paras’ name. Rashami agrees. Shehnaaz, Shefali, Siddharth, Arti Hindustani Bhao and Vishal become the winner of the task. Vishal asks Devoleena to play individually and not take Rashami’s support as she is changing her colours now.

Salman enters inside the house and announces the task where housemates have to judge the statement said about them by others. Mahira sprays on Asim’s face. Rashami sprays on Vishal and Paras’s name. Shefali sprays on Vishal and thrice on Paras’s face. Vishal sprays on Rashami’s face. Asim sprays on Rashami, Mahira’s face. Hindustani Bhao sprays on Paras and Siddharth’s face. Arti sprays twice on Vishal’s face. Shehnaaz sprays on Devoleena’s face. Siddharth sprays on Himanshi and Arti’s face. Himanshi sprays on Vishal’s face.

Salman bids goodbye and Hindustani Bhao says that ‘Bhai’ will be back. Rashami broke down into tears. Salman comes back and asks Arti and Devoleena to go towards the main door and a hand will pull them out of the house. Bigg Boss announces no eviction.

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