Bigg Boss 13: Tonight’s episode begins with morning song ‘Khud Ko Kya Samjhta Hai’ and contestants wake up and dance to the tunes of the track. Paras asks Shehnaaz to make parantha for him and she agrees. They then talk about Asim. On the other hand, Asim and Himanshi talk about their game plan. Himanshi asks him if he is playing the game with her. Asim confesses his feelings to Himanshi. Siddharth, Vishal, and Shehnaaz talk about Arti getting a panic attack due to Siddharth’s statements and not taking a stand for her. Shehnaaz then goes to Arti and tries to make her understand to not have expectations from anybody in the house. Shefali asks Himanshi to tell Asim not to be overprotective of her since it won’t be good for her. Later, Asim and Himanshi talk about whatever Shefali had said to her. Asim says that he can only trust Himanshi and Shefali has a problem since he is not giving attention to her.

During the breakfast, Paras and Mahira are shocked at seeing burnt parantha that Rashami had cooked for him. He gets annoyed at Rashami for taking out her anger on food served to him. Paras feels sad for Siddharth being served burnt parantha. Siddharth asks Rashami and she denies that it is not burnt. Siddharth says that when everything is getting better, why she has to do a thing like this.

Shefali announces captaincy task where Shehnaaz turns English teacher, Siddharth as a dance teacher, Vikas as Hindi professor, Himanshi as PT teacher and rest of the inmates will be students.

Asim gives a tight hug to Mahira on her birthday and Paras gets annoyed. The task begins and Shehnaaz takes the English lecture. Shehnaaz asks who is the negative personality in the house. Vishal says that whenever Asim, Shefali, and Arti come together, they spread negativity. He also takes Rashami’s name. Asim and Shefali go and scribble on Shehnaaz’s scooter. Himanshi too leaves the class. Shehnaaz’s English will leave you into splits. Paras tells Shehnaaz that he gets jealous of Siddharth when she gets close to him because he loves her. Shehnaaz gives an apple to Vishal.

Mahira breaks down into tears after Paras says that he won’t talk to her because she hugged Asim. Vishal goes and keeps the apple in his locker and Asim steals it and puts it in his locker. Bigg Boss announces the Hindi lecture and Hindustani Bhau takes attendance. Vishal leaves the class and scribbles on Bhau’s scooter. He draws four pictures on the blackboard and asks contestants to guess who is who in the house. Bhau gives an apple to Shefali. Vishal tells Bhau that he feels bad when someone gives him names but he does the same thing to others. Vishal and Hindustani Bhau get into an argument.

Asim taunts Rashami for making burnt parantha for Siddharth. Bigg Boss announces the Dance lecture. Bigg Boss asks Siddharth to come to the confession room and asks him to celebrate Mahira’s birthday with the cake. Inmates celebrate Mahira’s birthday and she cuts the cake. Mahira asks Bigg Boss to wish her and he fulfills her wish. Paras, Arti, Vishal, Mahira dance their heart out and Rashami scribbles on Bhau’s scooter. Siddharth gives an apple to Vishal. Siddharth says he wanted to give the apple to Rashami but she was not in the class so she gave it to Vishal. Asim and Shehnaaz get into a fight and Shehnaaz calls him ‘Loser’ after he scribbled ‘Loser’ on her scooter.

Bigg Boss announces PT teacher and Himanshi takes the class. Paras mimicks Himanshi and she gets annoyed. She asks Paras to jog on the same spot. Asim whistles and makes fun of Vishal who is performing exercise during the class. Himanshi gives an apple to Shefali. Mahira sings and dances ‘Happy Birthday’ as she eats chips. Himanshi tells Bigg Boss that she stole the key from her room and opened the chips locker. Paras tells Himanshi that she is the most beautiful woman on television. Siddharth and Shehnaaz have fun in the house.

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