The Bigg Boss 13 day 57 starts with Tareefan song in the morning. Mahira Sharma tells the new captain Sidharth Shukla that she does not want Asim Riaz in rationing as she feels he cannot handle the duty well. Asim and Mahira get into a heated argument over this and Paras Chhabra jumps in to support his friend Mahira. The fight begins from then on.

Bigg Boss then announces a luxury budget task and divides the house into two teams. Team A consists of Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaz, Aarti, Paras, Mahira and Devoleena whereas Team B has Asim, Vishal, Bhau, Himanshi, Rashami and Shefali. They need to fill and complete the word ‘Luxury Budget’ with the given alphabets. Only two members from each team are allowed to collect the letters while the other two members have to guard the placement area. Then the first alphabet comes in and the boys of the teams (Sidharth, Asim, Vishal, Paras) get into grabbing and snatching the letters later get physical.

Meanwhile, Asim tells Hindustani Bhau that all this violent behavior during the task is useless. After the same, Sidharth and Asim get into a heated fight as the alphabet was ultimately broken while snatching.

Asim can be seen making Himanshi’s birthday special. He makes a heart-shaped sugar paratha for her with the help of Rashami and she then shows it on camera.

Coming back to the task, aggression and fight increases as each team aims to win the task and claim the luxury items. Asim and Shefali swap places as she tries hard to get the alphabet cut-out from Paras’ grip.

On the other hand, Paras blames her of pinching him and playing the woman card. Shefali hits back and gets upset for putting her in a tough situation. The game gets so intense that the contestants end up breaking all the given alphabets.

Shehnaaz and Rashami get into a verbal fight over getting too touchy a violent during the task. Bigg Boss announces that the task will not be played further and the team with more alphabets with them will win the task. Since Sidharth’s team has the most number of alphabets, the team wins the luxury budget task and gets all the goodies as the prize.

Asim calls ‘team A’ a cheater and Paras, on the other hand, teases Asim after winning the task.

Himanshi and Asim are seen in the kitchen washing the utensils. There, they talk about how the kitchen area is dirty. Himanshi goes and tries to clean it when Asim stops her and tells it’s not their duty but it’s Mahira’s thing to do. Asim further calls the captain Sidharth and complains about the same. Both get into an argument regarding dish wash bar and liquid soap. Paras comes in between and starts a fight with Asim which gets extremely ugly with the duo abusing each other and passing personal comments on how rich are they.

Asim is no less as he provokes Paras. He could not keep calm and instead tells Asim that his status has gone up by sharing screen space with him and he lives in PG. After all the drama, Sidharth and Vishal try to make Paras understand that he does not need to waste his energy on others.

On the other hand, Shefali and Himanshi calm Asim and the three have a group hug.

Mahira also tries to talk to Paras but he gets angry with her. Sidharth and Shehnaaz ask Mahira to give him some time.