Bigg Boss 13, Day 40: Tehseen Poonawalla and Shehnaz Gill fool the rest of the contestants by telling them that Bigg Boss has given them an order. Shehnaz reveals she was shocked to see Himanshi Khurana in the house. She mocks her relationship with Siddharth Shukla and sings ‘dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar na raha.’ Hindustani Bhau feels annoyed. He joins Tehseen now. Tehseen asks him to narrate what all happened inside the house within 72 hours of his entry. He explains how everything seemed stable when he entered and the first day went smoothly. However later in the house, he felt like human beings are turning into animals slowly. Hindustani Bhau advises Shehnaz to see real people and not become arrogant towards others. Himanshi is seen shedding tears when Bhau slams Shehnaz for not trying to mend her relationship with Himanshi. He also tells Shehnaz that Siddharth was always in support of her but she backed out.

Hindustani Bhau is asked about the nicknames. He reiterates his nick-names to the contestants. He also reveals that even though he is known on social media as the one who uses the abusive language, he has been careful inside the house because he knows his moral boundaries. Bhau hugs Himanshi and asks her to maintain calm by not crying. Shefali Jariwala also supports Himanshi. The latter cries more recalling how her mother broke down in front of her folding her hands after Shehnaz’ inappropriate statements against her family.

Himanshi Khurana in Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Colors TV)

Paras Chhabra talks to Bhau and defends Shehnaz. Arhaan Khan also joins the conversation. Bhau talks in support of Himanshi and praises her for not speaking against Shehnaz. Paras then talks to Shehnaz and makes her understand how Siddharth uses everyone for his own game. Devoleena Bhattacharjee teases Rashami Desai by asking Arhaan to accompany her while working out.

Hindustani Bhau tells Himanshi that Shehnaz has now taken a low seat. Rashami discusses Shefali with Arhaan. She tells him that she’s upset because Arhaan went inside claiming he was going to make Rashami and Siddharth friends again.

Day 41 begins on the tunes of ‘Angrezi Beat Te’. Devoleena designs a game and asks Rashami to explain her equation with Siddharth. Rashami tells her that she’s so agitated with Sid that even when he’s dying, she won’t pay any heed. Devoleena again teases Rashami over her equation with Arhaan and she tells her that they are just good friends.

Rashami tells Paras that he needs to prove to him his loyalty in friendship towards her. He starts discussing Arti Singh revealing that she has started feeling insecure ever since Himanshi and Shefali have entered inside the house. Bigg Boss calls Asim inside and tells him that the new captaincy task is going to be announced and the members of his team need to choose two contestants who will compete in the task.

Rashami tells Arhaan that she’s disappointed with him because she has been trying to have a word with him for so long but he’s ignoring her. He teases Rashami but she refuses to keep her anger aside.

Asim, Bhau, Siddharth, Arti, Shefali and Himanshi discuss the two names they need to give for the captaincy task. Sid says he wants to give Shefali and Himanshi’s name because he considers there contribution better than the rest of the members of the team in the task.

Shefali Jariwala in Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Colors TV)

Rashami teases Arhaan and jumps off the chair, Arhaan holds her and protects her from falling as Mahira and Rashami dance to the tunes of ‘Bolein Chudiyaan’. Bigg Boss asks the members of Asim’s team to choose two names for the captaincy task. Asim takes the name of Himanshi and Shefali. Rashami and Asim get into an argument over the way Asim behaves with her.

Paras explains the captaincy task and reveals that the contestants need to give the stamp of ‘rejection’ to the contestant they don’t want as the next captain. Mahira rejects Shefali. Rashami rejects Shefali. Tehseen also rejects Shefali. Arhaan also rejects Shefali. Shehnaz follows the same. Paras chooses Shefali as his captain’s choice and rejects Himanshi. Siddharth rejects Himanshi. Khesari also rejects Himanshi. Hindustani Bhau rejects Himanshi. Asim chooses Shefali as his next captain and rejects Himanshi. Devoleena rejects Shefali. Arti rejects Himanshi. Shefali becomes the new captain.

Tehseen and Siddharth argue over the statement made by the former. Siddharth tells him that he will speak in between his conversations and he shall do what he can. Tehseen tells him that he is not the one to get bullied by him so he should not feel courageous in front of him. Rashami discusses her argument with Asim in the kitchen. She tells him to speak with little decency while talking to her.

Rashami Desai in Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Colors TV)

Asim and Siddharth discuss their respective arguments with Rashami and Tehseen. Sid tells him that he was loud in his tone while talking to Rashami. Sid calls Tehseen ‘joker’ and makes fun of his efforts towards being a politician.

Shefali, Siddharth and Himanshi discuss the house duties. Shefali distributes the duties and Siddharth and Rashami get into a strong argument. Sid calls Rashami ‘dogla‘. He tells her that he is aware of her past life to which Rashami says she is eager to know what he knows and she shall reveal all. Sid then challenges Arhaan to come and see him outside the house if he is the man of his words. Following this, Devoleena gets into an argument with Siddharth Shukla over house duties.

Arti goes to Siddharth and asks her about their distorting equation. Sid tells her how he feels Arti is using his friendship for her own advantage and started ignoring him when she became the captain. He tells her how she ignored him and started mixing with Devoleena and Shehnaz despite knowing he didn’t share a good bond with both of them.

The preview of the next episode shows Salman Khan talking to Siddharth and Shehnaz about their changed equation in the house. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 13!