Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 starts with Devoleena and Arti Singh gossiping about Shehnaz. Paras, on the other hand, accuses Shehnaz of not distinguishing between his and Siddharth’s hand and falling asleep rubbing it.

Catch all the highlights of tonight’s episode here:

  • Abu puts Rashami’s case before Asim and Siddharth but the duo talks him out of it. Siddharth goes on to reveal how Rashami has made use of her tears in the past to win situations.
  • Rashami breaks into tears before Abu as she calls him out for thinking that her popularity will make her stick for long in the game, a thinking which has landed her in the elimination round for the third time.
  • The buzzer of the task to end sounds after which Bigg Boss announces that team B won the task which means Arti, Shehnaz and Shefali are safe from elimination. Rashami and Mahira enter the elimination zone.
  • Rashami, Devoleena and Mahira start screaming at Asim for not helping them. Shefali fights with Siddhartha for not giving her the promised percentage. The girls guard their lockers strictly and hence, even have lunch in the garden.
  • Mahira pushes Asim’s table making all the notes to fall on the floor which instantly makes all the girls hover around it and steal. With their lockers full, Arti and Shehnaz thank Siddharth and Asim for helping them in the majority.
  • The buzzer sounds for the task to start and while Arti gets a handful of money from Siddharth, Mahira hardly gets anything from Abu and Asim.
  • Shehnaz requests Asim to save her and Arti while Siddhartha tells Shefali that she is just using him to win which shocks her. Paras walks up to them and says that Bigg Boss has played with their feeling. Siddhartha gives in to Shefali and says that he will give her 60% but she insists that the remaining 40% will bring a huge difference to the opponents. She tries to talk him out but Siddhartha angrily walks out of the conversation saying that he doesn’t like her slyness.

  • Bigg Boss announces the names of the boys in the elimination round while places a task before the girls to skip elimination. As per the task, whichever girl fills her locker with the maximum amount of money will be saved from elimination. The housemates are divided into two teams after which Paras is seen telling him to steal the money once the buzzer is sounded. Siddharth, Abu and Asim are seen planning not to give their money to Mahira and Rashami while Shefali is seen asking Siddhartha for all of his money.
  • Shehnaz is seen testing Paras’ grammar when Siddhartha pitches in saying that hair belonging to two different people will be termed as “hairs”. Arti says there is no such a word after which Siddhartha places a bet.
  • Rashami defends Devoleena when Asim refuses to do the duty assigned to him by her. They get into a fight while Paras and Mahira step out into the garden where they discuss the washroom cleanliness.
  • The morning alarm sets the housemates dancing after which Devoleena is seen assigning duties to them. Asim, Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz are seen gossiping about Rashami. Siddharth abuses Rashami while Shehnaz says that she enjoys attention from everyone and wants all housemates to follow them.
  • Arti tells Devoleena that she wants to get married by next year and have kids since she is not career-oriented. Devoleena tells Arti and Shehnaz that Rashami has a problem with Siddharth and Shehnaz chips in saying that since all of them are friendly with him, she doesn’t like them as well.