Contestants wake up to ‘Mukabla’ song and Paras, Rashami, Sidharth Dey show their crazy moves. Devoleena discusses her fight with Siddharth Shukla with Aarti. She says that if she stands up for herself in the future and if her decision goes against him then he will go against her. Aarti tells her to give it back to him during the task. Contestants ask Rashami if they are just getting one paratha for the breakfast. To which she says that the paranthas are very filling so she counted one parantha for everybody but if anyone wants, she can make more. Later, Asim and Rashami fight on the issue of cooking just one parantha and says that she knows that the boys of the house have 2-3 paranthas ka diet but they get just one parantha that also with a lot of negativity. He says that he will cook his own food from now onwards.

The argument got heated up after Asim says that Abu Malik told him that Rashami wanted him to be eliminated from the house. Paras, Siddharth Dey, Shehnaaz, Devoleena, and Mahira supports Reshmi and targets Asim. In the midst of the fight, Paras and Shehnaaz have a light romantic moment.

Paras and Asim get into a heated argument over cooking and washing dishes. Aarti interferes and says that everyone keeps the bathroom dirty and no one cleans it. Paras laughs it out in the middle of the fight and leaves the room. Devoleena hugs and console the ‘crying’ Rashami. Rashami says that she cooks for everyone with love but Asim went below the belt and said a lot of things that have hurt her.

Paras once again laughs it out at Asim when he calls him ‘bhai’.

Shefali announces another task named ‘Toy Factory’ that will allow one girl to earn their ticket to the first finale. Abu Malik becomes the sanchalak of the task. The task is to make the toys before the other team. Paras and Sidharth Shukla becomes the leader of the representative teams. Paras convinces Devoleena, Mahira Rashami to complete the task and make the toys as other girls are weak against them.

Bigg Boss announces the order of 60 toys and buzzer ranged. Devoleena gets agitated after the opposite team drops their basket. Reshami calls Siddharth a thief and Devoleena says that Sidharth Shukla doesn’t eat food but eats shit. In the middle of the fights, both the teams begin their task.

Yellow team fights with the red team for stealing stuff from their toy basket.

Shehnaaz and Paras get into a heated argument over the task. Devoleena and Shehnaaz get into a fight and Devoleena threatens Paras if he again goes back to Shehnaaz then she will give a black ring to him. Shehnaaz teases Devoleena and aks ‘what’s her problem’. Paras rejects all the toys from the opposite team and Sidharth Shukla too rejects all the toys from the team yellow. Sidharth pumps up Asim to do the task as he was labeled as ‘quitter’ in the first task. Shehnaaz and Shefali mock Mahira and says ‘which serial has she done…Naagin?’ Devoleena and Rashami talk about the ‘weekend ka vaar’ day and Rashami says that Shefali didn’t call you her enemy but Aarti did. Rashami and Siddhartha Dey talk about Shefali. Devoleena thinks about Aarti and how did she believed her. Rashami and Devoleena talk about Aarti and her game plan. Bigg Boss announces to get more raw materials and finish the order as soon as possible. Paras and Shenaaz fights again. Paras calls Shehnaaz ‘Gawaar’ and ask her to talk respectively to everyone in the house.

Mahira and Rashami say that Shehnaaz doesn’t have a class.

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