Bigg Boss 13 Day 26, Friday Highlights: Siddharth Shukla looks out for tea. Paras Chhabra refuses to make tea for all. Siddharth questions him on the finished tea. Siddharth and Asim Riaz complaint about things being stolen inside the house. Mahira Sharma and Devoleena Bhattacharjee look-out for the tea jar which has been hidden by someone. Siddharth Shukla seems highly furious because of the lost tea jar.

Paras and Asim get involved in an abusive argument because of the tea jar. Both get into a physical brawl. Devoleena, Rashami Desai and Siddharth come in between. An aggressive Asim even starts breaking things in the kitchen. Arti Singh and Shehnaz Gill try to make Asim calm down.

Paras constantly asks Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room. Asim gets into an argument with Rashami who asks him to talk to her in a decent manner. Asim constantly keeps showing aggressive behaviour. Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to maintain calm. Mahira Sharma gets hurt while trying to pull apart Paras and Asim. Rashami and Devoleena ask Siddhartha Dey to speak for himself when he has heard Shehnaz using a cuss word against someone.

Siddharth Shukla, Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra in Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Colors TV)

Shehnaz, meanwhile, comes out and asks Rashami, Siddhartha and Devoleena to talk about her in front of her. Shehnaz teases Rashami and refuses to go inside. Arti goes inside and tells Siddharth that Rashami is calling them ‘Giri Hui Auratein’.

Mahira and Shehnaz get into an argument. Shehnaz goes inside and confesses to Asim and Arti that she used an abusive word by mistake. Asim tells her that it’s a human error and she should not feel guilty about it. Asim discusses his fight with Rashami.

Bigg Boss calls Asim and Paras inside the house along with Siddharth Shukla. Bigg Boss tells them that they should be careful before using their language and showing aggression in the house.

Shehnaz apologises to Shefali Bagga for her behaviour the previous day. Shefali ignores her and leaves her crying. Siddharth comes to her and makes her feel better.

Siddhartha Dey in Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Colors TV)

Paras comes to Asim and asks him to not behave in a provoking manner from the next time. Asim refuses to listen to him. Paras tells Devoleena, Siddhartha and Shefali that Bigg boss has told him that everyone in the house has behaved badly. This upsets Devoleena who shouts and asks Bigg Boss to not compare her with others who create ruckus inside the house.

Siddharth and Rashami have a conversation in which the former tells the latter that they have their differences and they should stay away from being involved in unnecessary fights. Rashami asks him to not believe in what others have to say about her and clear things with her directly.

Rashami and Siddhartha discuss her meeting with Siddharth. Devoleena discusses how she saved some tea leaves for the future so that all of them can use it accordingly. She brings some tea-leaves and puts it in the kitchen. Shefali refuses to share her bed with Arti. This upsets Arti who breaks down thinking no one in the house likes her. Siddharth tries to tell her that she shouldn’t be crying and starts fighting for her rights instead. She refuses to listen.

Siddharth Shukla in Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Colors TV)

Day 27 begins with the tunes of ‘All is Well.‘ Shehnaz slams Shefali for behaving badly with Arti who then says that her friendship with Rashami doesn’t exist anymore. Siddharth asks Arti about the uncleaned utensils. Arti says she didn’t have this duty to fulfill. Paras refuses to clean dishes and Siddharth schools him. Arti, Shehnaz and Siddharth ask Paras to fulfill his duty which is to clean utensils and not clean the washroom which is something he has volunteered himself.

Siddharth tells Asim that one should perform the duties assigned to his/ her. Shefali, Mahira and Devoleena discuss Shehnaz’ behaviour. Shehnaz asks Bigg Boss to call her inside the confession room. Siddharth, Asim and Arti try to make Shehnaz feel better and sing ‘Munni Badnaam’ together.

Arti Singh in Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Colors TV)

Bigg Boss introduces a new game and divides the team in two teams. Mahira and Devoleena are both the players and the sanchalak (coordinators). Team A – Devoleena, Siddharth, Shehnaz and Arti win the game and receive the gift hamper. They are also asked to feast upon various food items of their choice.

In the precap of the next episode, Salman Khan lashes out at Siddhartha Dey for again using inappropriate language against women in the house. He also slams Shefali for insulting another woman despite being a woman herself. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 13!