Tonight episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins with the housemates voting two people each who according to them should go to BB jail. While Siddharth’s team votes for Devoleena and Shefali Bagga, the other party votes for Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz, all citing their individual reasons for their votes.

Check all the highlights of tonight’s episode here:

  • Sid tells Shehnaz to keep taking orders only for Asim and to tell Arti to do the same so that it gives the impression that no one is choosing him. After the food it prepared, Shehnaz sets out to deliver it. She reaches Sid who immediately prompts her to leave him and instead, deliver the food to Asim.
  • The girls fight inside the bedroom over Shefali’s sly move to hide the stickers after which they get back to the kitchen to divide chef and delivery duties for the boys. Sid orders a fruit salad, Asim a veg pizza while Paras orders a nonveg pizza.
  • As Sid had predicted with his group members, Shefali Bagga starts to lose her cool since she is convinced that Paras will not give her the ticket to finale. One boy has to choose a girl who should land with a ticket to finale. Paras has already confessed his vote to Mahira which makes Shefali get cold feet and she tries to convince Rashami and Devoleena for support but later, Paras brainwashes the three girls and tries to convince them to give him the ticket to finale.
  • As per the new task, the three boys order food from the girls, While Mahira prepares food salad for Paras, Arti prepares the same for Asim and Rashami helps Shehnaz prepare a veg burger for Sid. However, Devoleena delivers the food only to Paras.
  • On the other hand, Kaata Laga fame Shefali Zariwala enters a dark room to watch over the housemates secretly before she enters the house. Shefali Bagga reads out Bigg Boss’ next task before the housemates. Mahira and Shefali steal and hide a few food items while Shefali Zariwala watches secretly from the control room.

  • Bigg Boss announces the jail term to be over after which Sid and Asim come out and discuss Shehnaz’ change in behaviour of taking more interest in the BB house politics.
  • Arti accuses Rashami of telling about their feud to Shehnaz as she went ahead to spill the whole scene before him. Rashami remains unapologetic about it and another verbal clash ensues between the two girls.
  • Shehnaz tells about the scene to Siddharth and asks him to clear the air with Rashami but he refuses angrily saying that they are no one to bring a truce between him and Rashami.

  • Inside the bedroom, Rashami continues to shout about Arti dragging Siddharth in every matter. While Shehnaz and Paras hear her out, Shefali and Devoleena listen to Arti fuming. Devoleena tries to make her understand that Rashami looks out for Arti just so Siddharth doesn’t do anything wrong to her. This piece of information irks Arti further.
  • Arti and Rashami discuss how the rumour about the former dating Siddharth Shukla spread. Rashami insists that she did not spread it. The two start shouting on each other when Mahira comes in to tell them to talk softly.
  • Bigg Boss sends Siddharth and Asim to jail for landing with maximum number of votes. Arti Singh and Shehnaz Gill give them company outside the jail. Arti and Asim even recreate the scene from Dil where Aamir Khan is jailed and Madhuri Dixit dances outside it.