Bigg Boss 13: Today is the fifth day of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 13 and the first ‘weekend ka vaar’ episode is nearing. After Shefali’s big goof-up at the luxury task, she is trying hard to uplift herself. Now, it is time for the ladies of the house to nominate their fellow male housemates that will fuel up by accusations and disagreements inside the house.

The housemates wake up to the song ‘Lift Karade’ by Adnan Sami. Connecting the song to contestant Shefali Bagga’s intentions of lifting herself up as the queen of the house, the contestants begin their day with a discussion about her. Arti, Devoleena, Dallijit, Paras talk about Shefali.

Actors Rashami Desai and Siddharth Shukla’s relationship seems to have turned a new leaf as they indulge in banter over household chores. Siddharth comes to Asif and says she couldn’t cook omelet as he has to chop vegetables. To which, Reshmi pulls his leg and says to Asif that he wants you to chop vegetables and cook breakfast. Dallijit tries to make Shefali understand but she is stubborn on her point. Dallijit’s wants no one to corner her in the house. Shenaaz tries to pull Sidharth Dey’s leg by saying that he touches her while sleeping. Arti and Devoleena find it not right even if it is a part of the fun. Shehnaaz gives head massage to Siddharth Shukla.

Koena Mitra talks about her ex-boyfriend, who was from Turkey. She says that he was very possessive ad narrates an incident when he said that he will burn her passport the moment she lands in Turkey.  On the other hand, Sidharth Dey sings ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ for Shefali Bagga.

Arti talks about her struggles and opens up about her suffering from Depression and how it affected her life. She says that her mother, who passed away during giving her birth, became her inspiration to come out of depression.

Soon after, Mahira Sharma and Shehnaz Gill get into a heated conversation over Paras Chabra. Shehnaz then drags him into the conversation and asks him to make a choice between the two. Shehnaaz breaks down into tears. Paras agrees that he will not talk to Mahira but later Paras manipulates Shehnaaz that its a game and he has talked to Mahira. Arti tells Shehnaaz that she got angry with the word ‘ boyfriend’.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Reshmi Desai get into a spat with Sidharth Dey after the latter makes a sharp comment over actors making a choice of participating in Bigg Boss because of lack of work. Sidharth discusses the fight with Shehnaaz and Shefali. Reshmi says Sidharth judges every actor. Koena Mitra confronts Sidharth about his statement about actors in the house not having any work. Deboleena compares him with a box of a coin. However, Sidharth denies all allegations and his statement.

Mahira and Paras try to talk things out. Mahira says that she will not talk to him as she is nobody’s option.

Sidharth again passes a comment to Devoleena that she is sad because she couldn’t be a queen. Siddharth asks Devollena and Reshmi to wax his legs. They have a gala time doing the task.

Sidharth asks Bigg Boss to eliminate him because he can’t live with the people in the house. Paras talks about the ‘diva’ Mahira.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to gather in the garden area. Bringing in a major twist in the nomination procedure, the girls now get an opportunity to nominate the boys. The girls hand over a black ring to the boy they no longer want to see inside the house. Mahira nominates Abu Malik. Shefali takes Siddharth Shukla’s name. Shehnaaz takes the name of Asim. Dallijit takes Abu’s name. Arti took Asim’s name because he didn’t perform the task. Koena nominates Sidharth Dey for his arrogance. Devoleena nominates Sidharth Dey following the fight. Reshmi Desai nominates Asim. Abu Malik gets nominated for the first elimination of the show.

Abu gets angry with Dallijit and Mahira for nominating him for the eliminations. Paras, Shefali, Shehnaaz talk about the eliminations this week.

Watch out for ‘ Weekend Kavaar’ episode tomorrow at 9 pm!

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