The weekend ka vaar episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with superstar-host Salman Khan calling out the name of all the girls nominated for elimination last week but secretly informs the audience that while the housemates think that one of them will be leaving the house tonight, in reality, no one will be told to leave.

He greats them through the TV medium and Salman asks them to rearrange their seating order as per their BFF bands. He greets Asim Riaz as ‘Tiger Shroff’, Paras Chhabra as ‘Ranveer Singh’s relative’ for dressing up in “ghaghra-choli”.

Check out the highlights of today’s episode here:

  • With three weeks left for the finale, Salman wishes them luck until he meets them soon. Salman secretly reveals to the audience that the voting lines were closed for this week but the housemates do not know this.
  • A Faraz from Uttar Pradesh calls and Salman puts him on speaker. Faraz asks Devoleena that she had entered BB house dancing to Aashiq Banaya Aapne but is getting to see her typical “bahu” avatar. Devoleena apologises for not meeting his expectations and promises to show her real side soon.
  • Siddhartha Dey goes in next and gets saved since the housemates agree with him when he says that the “bahus” have made a gang inside the house. He lands with a red paint shower, a water shower, shower of yellow glitter and feathers as Salman bluffs that the housemates do not agree with him for the next set of questions.
  • Salman asks Rashami if she is slow in her work which she denies and housemates support her so she is saved. She is next asked whom she doesn’t see sticking around for long to which she answers Shefali but the housemates do not agree. Rashami lands with a shower of red paint.
  • Rashami and Devoleena are saved too. Arti is sent under a shower where she is asked whether Rashami manipulates people to which she agrees but since the housemates disagree, red paint falls on her. She next asks which contestant will not be able to stick around for even four weeks and she answers Abu. A shower of flour falls on her. Lastly, she is asked who among the housemates is the slowest to bond with and Arti votes for herself but since the housemates do not agree, she lands with a shower of water on her head. Rashami is sent under the shower next.
  • Shefali is credited for standing up for herself unlike Mahira and other girls. Salman tells her that she is safe when suddenly Siddhartha gives her a peck and Salman asks jokingly if it helped him in burning some calories.
  • The housemates are asked why Devoleena was their choice to become the Queen. Paras says that he voted for her because she was successful in “throwing Asim out within 10 minutes”. Salman credits Paras for his “outstanding” decision to use the hair removal cream to make the members of the opponent team stand up in pain. Since it was Mahira and Paras’ idea, Salman asks her why she did not vote for herself despite of bearing so much in the task and literally “shivering” during it.
  • Paras is next on the target as Salman calls him out for shifting his focus from entertaining and winning and instead indulging in gross activities. Siddharth is hailed for giving a good start to the task but fizzling out midway. Rashami clarifies next why she defended Siddharth from going inside for the task and giving in Asim. Salman then takes a dig on the housemates for snatching away the chance from one of the girls of becoming the Queen.
  • On Salman’s query about the hospital task, Arti clarifies that she was confused about it hence turned emotional when Shefali got personal.
  • Salman then points out that Siddharth Shukla is found working more in the kitchen than Rashami and Devoleena.
  • Rashami Desai is asked to get the picnic basket from the storeroom which is filled with snacks and share it between Dalljiet, Mahira and Devoleena.
  • Asking the housemates to pair the people with the strongest connection, Salman asks them one by one and almost everyone votes for Shehnaz and Paras. Salman asks them to sit on the chairs before them and next asks the housemates to vote a person whom they think can come between them. The majority of them vote for Mahira who is then asked to sit to the “Kaal” chair.
  • Scaring them into elimination, Salman tells the housemates that Arti Singh has a fair chance of leaving the house and takes the audience through the morning’s video where she is seen crying out her fears to Siddhartha.

  • Salman asks Shehnaz Gill to dance to Bumbro which he does while the other housemates sing along. The housemates crack up when Shehnaz mimics Siddhartha Dey’s snores.