Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz asks Siddharth Dey and Shefali about their romance. Rashami tries to clear out the misunderstanding with Koena and she tells her that she was hurt and it did not sound nice. On the other hand, Bigg Boss has now given the freedom to all the contestants to choose their bed partners. Contestants discuss the bed change and with whom they want to share the bed with. Koena talks about  Asim when he said to her ‘talk about my body’. Koena walks out of the conversation. Sidharth Dey gets into a fight with Arti and Shefali and asks why he supported Koena during the task.

Shehnaaz Gill acts madly and tries to scare other contestants of the house, giving a laughter riot to other members of the house. Shehnaaz tries to enact Koena and she walks into the room. She then tries to act angry but tickles some funny bones of her housemates.

Paras and Shehnaaz share the bed together and talk inside the blanket. Shehnaaz says that he misses when she acted out Koena and later talks about their connection.

The next morning, all contestants wake up to the song ‘Dhol Baje‘ from the film Ram Leela. Devoleena cooks parantha for breakfast. Asim, Siddhartha discuss about having rice and roti but Siddharth Shukla says that he needs chapatti three times a day. He further says that chapatti, rice, and dal should be cooked every day. Devoleena says that she can’t be in the kitchen the whole day and people need to come to the dining area in the morning and have breakfast. She breaks down into tears while getting ready. Paras says that if chapatti is cooked every day, then, at last, we will leave with only rice. Koena points out that if people will follow other’s demands, they have to follow everybody’s demand.

Koena says that she wants the kitchen task to be shifted to Siddharth Shukla and Asim. Abu Malik sings a song to lighten up the situation in the house. Mahira and Shukla get into a fight over demanding footage. Shehnaaz pokes Mahira.

Devoleena tells contestants to perform their duties instead of sitting ideal. Mahira, Asim are targetted over their toilet cleaning task. Devoleena and Shenaaz get into a rift for making fat paranthas. Shehnaaz tells Devoleena to use less flour and make thin paranthas. Siddharth Shukla and Reshmi continues the fight over parantha. Siddharth gets into argument with Koena.

Reshmi tells Shehnaaz to support the girls instead of supporting boys. Later, Koena and Reshmi talk about Siddharth Shukla’s language and anger. Siddharth comes inside the room and lashes out at Koena and Reshmi for talking about him. Siddharth and Reshmi continue to fight. Siddharth says that Reshmi is self-centered and keeps the count of feeding people.

Arti announces the next task ‘Rani Number 1’. In the task, boys have to save their favourite girl and any girl can disqualify any other girl, whom they don’t want to be the queen of the house. Dalljiet and Mahira try to manipulate Paras to choose them while Devoleena and Aarti try to manipulate Siddharth Shukla. As soon as the nagada sound goes, Siddharth goes and grabs the key and gets Devoleena out of the restricted area. Devoleena goes to the lake area to dump Shefali’s earthen pot. Shehnaaz and Dalljiet say that there is no need to discuss or manipulate boys for saving them. Mahira says to Asim that she knows that Paras will save Shehnaaz and not her. Nagada sound goes on and Paras saves Dalljiet. Dallijiet cracks Shehnaaz’s earthen pot. Shehnaaz says that Paras broke her heart by not picking her up. Paras tells Shehnaaz that she didn’t come to him to tell him to save her and feels that Shefali is manipulating her.