Recently, Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma had an intimate moment inside Bigg Boss 13 house. In the latest promo, the duo can be seen engaged in a conversation where they confess love to each other. Soon Paras kisses Mahira on her cheeks and Mahira also kiss on Paras’ cheeks. Looks like there is a new couple in the house and Paras, Mahira fans are excited seeing them together.

This has certainly not gone well with the Paras’ girlfriend Akanksha Puri. The actor has always extended her support to Paras and she talked about the latest development inside the house. Talking to India Forums, she said, “Now, even I have started doubting that he has been either playing there for three months or playing with me for three years. I guess my suggested idea is proving heavy to me. Still, I want to wait for him to come out and talk as he left on a very different note. I don’t want to jump to any conclusion.”

Earlier, Akanksha had also spoken about the tattoo controversy where Paras claimed that he had got the tattoo done forcefully in order to prove his love. He even went on to say that the tattoo has been made in a manner that it can be altered in the future. Akanksha expressed her disappointment said, “The tattoo on his hand was a surprise gift from him. I was in the middle of a shoot when he sent a picture of the tattoo on my phone. And because he had tattooed my signature, I got a tattoo of his name. I never thought that he would cook up this story inside the house.”

In tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss has announced the captaincy task. As per the instructions, the housemates were divided into two teams to bell the huge statue of the cat and the winning team will elect a captain amongst themselves. With the task getting aborted mid-way after Shefali Bagga lost her cool, the housemates were presented another task by Bigg Boss.

As per a fan page, Bigg Boss Khabri, Asim Riaz will end up winning the task though we can only speculate who is his competitor in the final round or which two contenders make it to the final.