Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai have been at the loggerheads since their journey in Bigg Boss 13 house but something seems to be going better between the two these days. In the latest episode of the show, the two were seen flirting with each other, reminding each other of the good ol’ days. Rashami even gave her own cup of tea to Siddharth when he asked for one. Sid, however, returned it to her when he realised that it was the only cup available.

Rashami also teased Siddharth by telling him that he is not her friend. Sid then played up the conversation by adding he was his friend once though and they knew each other well. All this then came down to other chit-chats where they kept teasing each other while the huge issue of the fight between Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli was running in the background.

Rashami and Siddharth were seen teasing each other in the last episode as well when the former called him ‘gyani baba’ and he happily took the comment in his stride. The two also participated in a task together where they played the role of a happy couple.

Do you think this chemistry is going anywhere or you think this will eventually lead to another huge fight between Rashami and Siddharth? Meanwhile, the two have definitely emerged as the popular contestants of the season and none of them seems to be getting evicted anytime soon. This means we have got plenty of time to see where this bond goes in the future.

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