After Salman Khan opened the pandora box of Arhaan Khan‘s past on Bigg Boss 13, Rashami Desai couldn’t resist and broke down into tears. The situation went out of the hands, so much so that Salman had to enter the house to support Rashami and sort out the matter.

Salman revealed in the Saturday episode of Weekend Ka Vaar that Arhaan’s family outside the house include his parents and a wife with whom he also has a kid. Rashami wasn’t privy to this detail about her boyfriend’s past. She didn’t know that he has a kid with his first wife and claimed that she got to know about his marriage from a third person. When she asked Arhaan to clear the details, he first said he had already shared these details with her in the past and then told her that she shall wait till the episode is over to hear his side of the story.

A furious Salman asked all the men in the house about their obligation towards the women they are in a relationship with. He told them that even they would have lied in a relationship to the woman but hiding a detail as big as having a kid is a big deal. Even the women in the house – Arti Singh and Shefali Jariwala scold Arhaan. Salman then asks all the contestants to not talk about this issue ever again in the house and let only Rashami and Arhaan take a call.

Salman also tells Rashami to clear details about Arhaan’s finances with him. He mentions ‘gold’ and ‘loan’ to her. Even after asking multiple times, Arhaan doesn’t give a clear picture and keeps reiterating that he has mentioned these facts about his life to Rashami in the past (somewhere in Jaipur).

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