Two of the most popular names in Bigg Boss 13Rashami Desai and Siddharth Shukla are at loggerheads. Both are known as celebrated TV artistes and have also worked as the leads in a daily soap. Despite all of that, there’s something between them that is quite mysterious and hidden. Various reports suggest that Rashami and Siddharth had dated in the past for a short while, however, things didn’t work out and the two parted ways. Later, their show also shut down and now, both of them are seen passing statements that refer to each other’s past in the show.

Siddharth is seen telling Rashami ‘Bahot Ehsaan Hai Mere Tujh Par’, while Rashami is seen telling Arhaan ‘Tujhe Nahi Pata Siddharth Ne Kya Kiya Tha Mere Sath’. Now, when these two make such statements for each other, the audience is left scratching their heads like the other contestants in the house. Now, a report has surfaced that claims to reveal what happened and why Sid seems so adamant about his ‘ehsaan‘ statement.

In a report published in Spotboye, a source has revealed that Sid quit Dil Se Dil Tak for Rashami and that’s the same ‘ehsaan‘ he keeps reminding her about. The source suggests that when Sid and Rashami broke up after dating for sometime, the makers questioned their chemistry which seemed problematic after the breakup. Following this, the makers asked one of the leads to quit the show and it was at this time that Sid willingly stepped out asking Rashami to continue the show as she was in the need of money.

Now, how much of this story is true is something only Rashami and Siddharth can tell. But, there constant fights and strong arguments which refer to the past have surely left the audience confused! Your thoughts on the same?