The ongoing season of “Bigg Boss” has been witnessing a lot of high drama since the very first day. And now things have turned uglier between the contestants — especially Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai. In today’s Bigg Boss 13 weekend ka vaar episode, we will see Salman Khan getting irritated with Rashami Desai-Sidharth Shukla’s ugly fight which happened last night and continues till now. They are fighting in front of Salman Khan and indulging in abusive language and physical fights.

Rashami Desai will be seen throwing tea at Sidharth Shukla. Then, Sidharth does the same and the situation gets worse when Rashami’s lover Arhaan comes in between the two. An agitated Sidharth loses his temper and ends up tearing Arhaan’s shirt.

Such abusive behaviour of the contestants did not go down well with host Salman Khan at all. Salman says Sidharth is mad and asks him what he means by ‘Aisi Ladki’ remark. Sidharth tries to defend himself but Salman gets angry. Rashami speaks up but Salman lashes out on her too and tries to explain what happened. In the end of the promo video, Salman is seen telling the makers, “You should get another host for that. I am not ready for this Shit.”

Watch the videos here:

As the show has exceeded to five weeks, Salman tells the makers to get another host. We will have to wait to see the whole episode tonight.