Bigg Boss 13 gets interesting with each episode. Contestants confessing love to each other, ex-couples being lovey-dovey and the fights are of course constant. Makers have also introduced twists and turns every week, starting from the first mini finale to entry of six wild card contestants to the guests coming inside the house and showing the mirror to contestants.

This week, the housemates who are nominated are Siddharth Shukla, Arti Singh, Arhaan Khan, Shefali Bagga, Vishal Aditya Singh, Madhurima Tuli, and Asim Riaz. Now, as per the latest sources, there will be no evictions this weekend. As a surprise to contestants, no housemates will be evicted this week.

Meanwhile, in tonight’s episode, Rashami and Siddharth have an ugly fight after the latter calls former ‘naukrani’. Asim asks Siddharth to rest or to take part in the task as he looks physically fine. To which, Rashami tells Asim, “T-shirt v shirt pehnao. Itna health par mat jao.” This does not go well with Siddharth and he calls Rashami ‘naukrani’. Hearing this, she goes all ballistic and fights with Siddharth asks him to tell her what kind of girl is she according to him. While Asim and Arhaan take Rashami’s side, Vikas Gupta thinks everyone targets and pokes Siddharth.

Meanwhile, Mahira and Paras have publically accepted their love for each other. In the latest promo, Mahira Sharma tells Shehnaz Gill not to come between her and Paras Chhabra’s bond and relationship. She seriously warns Shehnaz to stay away from Paras as she loves him. Mahira confesses her love for Paras and doesn’t want Shehnaz around him anymore. “Clear words mein bol rahi hu ab isse door rahe, pyar hai mujhe”, Mahira shouts on Shehnaz and then kisses her and Paras kisses her back. Mahra continues, “Mujhe close close bolke tune wohi kia jot ere dil mein tha”.

However, Mahira’s mother said in an interview with TOI, ““I know my daughter very well. Shehnaz has been forcefully trying to show viewers that there is a love triangle between Paras, Mahira and her since day one and to stop her once and for all, Mahira has done this. She shares a great bond with Paras and they are the only genuine friends inside the show. Shehnaz has been trying to break this friendship. I think it was more of a frustration than a confession from Mahira’s side. Shehnaz doesn’t want Mahira and Paras to be together and she has been torturing her so she has said in the latest promo that she likes Paras, but I know they are just good friends.”