Bigg Boss 13 is getting interesting with the fights, attacks and counter-attacks by contestants on the controversial show. Though it has been only three days, the contestants are on par with poking, fighting and digging other’s past. Something similar happened when the first luxury task of the house took place where contestants were divided into two teams- doctors and patients. During the task, news anchor Shefali Bagga made some distasteful comments on Arti Singh’s personal life. Shefali started to question Arti’s personal life where she asked about her failed marriage, divorce, her weight and rumoured relationship with co-contestant Siddharth Shukla.

However, Shefali comments did not go well with the netizens and soon they started trolling her for taking a low dig at Arti. One user tweeted, “#ShefaliBagga is so vicious! Ik it was a part of the task but still how can someone stoop so low without hesitating even a bit? Asking personal questions and commenting on someone’s weight so casually as if she was shooting a scene for a tv serial. Cruel (sic)!”

The other wrote, “Was it really necessary for #ShefaliBagga to talk so low with # ArtiSingh? She talked about Arti’s divorce, which is so not a partof wat hapend in #BB13. Since when going personal with other hms is allowed even in task? (sic)”

While Arti took all the comments sportingly and refused to leave the chair, she eventually broke down into tears. However, after the task, Shefali and Shehnaaz extended their apologies to Arti.

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The show is also witnessing some of the romances brewing in the house. In the last episode, Paras and Siddhartha demand a kiss from Shehnaz before sleeping. She denies which hurts Paras’ ego who goes on to say that he will be really upset if she refuses and eggs her on by saying he’ll fetch one from Mahira to make her jealous. Shehnaz doesn’t seem to get irked which pisses off Paras further and he challenges Shehnaz to kiss him on the lips if he gets a peck from Mahira on his cheeks. Shehnaz says that if such a thing happens, she will plant a peck on his heart.

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