In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaaz Gill leaves no stone unturned to woo Siddharth Shukla with her funny antics. However, he denies to budge and tells her that he does not want to keep the friendship with her as she keeps flipping in the house. Shehnaaz is trying hard to mend the bridges with Siddharth who is upset with her.

From applying lipstick to hugging and clinging on to him, he is really stern and denies talking to Shehnaaz. She even tells Siddharth that if he won’t talk to her then she will go on indefinite hunger strike and would eventually end up in the hospital.

However, at night Shehnaaz continues with her antics while Siddharth is sleeping and he melts down eventually. He hugs the ‘Katrina Kaif of Punjab’ and finally forgives her. Meanwhile, Mahira Sharma screams after kitchen duty falls on to her after Asim becomes the captain of the house. Mahira tells Asim to give some more duties to Shefali Bagga as she has been given just one duty but Shehnaaz interferes and says that once the duty is distributed then why there is more discussion on it. Shefali Bagga says she will not do any duty of the house. This leads to a fight between Paras and Asim as the former tries to make Asim understand that he needs to distribute the duties equally.

Mahira loses her cool, screams loud in the kitchen and walks out.

Meanwhile, during the captaincy task, Vikas Gupta gives up the captaincy task so that Asim becomes the captain of the house. His decision leads to a fight with Arhaan Khan for backing out of the task making Arhaan also ousted out of being a captain. Vikas tells Rashami that he doesn’t want Shefali to be the captain of the house.