Bigg Boss 13 host Salman Khan might have warned Siddharth Shukla about his increasing closeness to Shehnaaz Gill but what he has highlighted is beyond the show. Shehnaaz’ evident ‘possessiveness’ and sense of belongingness to Siddharth is a dangerous sign of extreme level anxiety. While the rest of the contestants find issues in household chores and backbiting about each other in the house, Shehnaaz looks out for issues related to Siddharth. She is always fighting on his behalf without any sense of right or wrong. As long as Siddharth is giving her full attention, she feels secure and comfortable in the house but the moment he starts talking to other women including Arti Singh, who is herself so protective towards her, Shehnaaz falls apart and starts panicking until she gets his attention back.

Shehnaaz has been getting panic attacks from the beginning of the season. Her problematic behaviour has often been pushed under the carpet by making it look cute or entertainment. Upon looking closely, it is no rocket science to realise that Shehnaaz is suffering from anxiety and needs to be councelled for the same. The actor finds her solace in Siddharth’s presence and has built her own cocoon without his equal participation in that bonding. Her level of affection is far higher than what Siddharth holds for her. Another factor that can be seen as a major trigger behind her problematic behaviour is her inability to express her feelings clearly.

Shehnaaz is often asked if she has strong feelings for Siddharth and she has always denied. It is possible that she has herself been living in the same denial and has been forcing herself to believe that she doesn’t have feelings for Siddharth while the reality is for everyone to see. Now, this evident juggle between mind and heart is common with everyone and most people build their own mechanism to deal with situations. However, here, Shehnaaz seems to have failed to deal with what her heart desires vs what her mind considers right and maybe that’s the reason why she undergoes panic attacks and starts slapping herself. What do you think?

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