The viewers of the Bigg Boss 13 finally got what they have been waiting for a long time. Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai shared a candid moment that was further extended by the kids who came to support her inside the house. Rashami’s nephew and niece – Swastik and Bhavya came to meet her as part of a special task and they immediately asked their aunt to mend her relationship with Siddharth. Both the kids have a fun time with Siddharth and they made them hug each other and shake hands. Rashami was totally elated seeing the youngest members of her family coming to her support and bringing happiness along.

In another moment, Siddharth held Rashami by arms and supported her in an emotionally weak moment. He also made her drink water when she started to sob like a child. Later, the duo sat together in the garden area and shared the happy memories from the past. Siddharth told Rashami that her niece Bhavya looks all grown-up and she was a kid when he last met her on the sets of their show two years back. He told her that both the kids are ‘brought up well. Rashami thanked Siddharth. They then shared a silent moment.

Even Paras Chhabra was seen telling Rashami to clear her differences with Siddharth. He asked her to not let anyone else come in between their bonding because they don’t look good while fighting with each other. Siddharth and Rashami were also seen discussing the fight that happened between Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli. They both maintained that their relationship is very complex and one should not get into their fights.

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