Bigg Boss 13 has created a buzz on social media with Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai’s fight and finally, their past is revealed to the viewers. The show’s TRP has topped the charged, thanks to the constant patch-up and break-ups happening inside the house. The last weekend showed us the ugly fight between Siddharth and Rashami where they ended up throwing tea on each other and using abusive language. In a surprising turn of event, Salman even supported Siddharth and was even stopped midway when he started to school him on his behaviour and nasty comments on Rashami.

However, many people called it a biased show and look like they have finally got their answer. As per the latest reports, Siddharth is apparently dating the chief content officer of the show Manisha Sharma and that is the reason he is receiving much support in his favour from both makers and host Salman Khan.

Earlier, during the weekend ka vaar episode, Asim Riaz revealed that his contract from the others inmates’ contract is very different and hence he can fight, use abusive language and can get into ugly fights inside the house but they are not allowed to do that.

Recently, Rashami revealed that both the makers of the show and the channel were annoyed with Siddharth’s problematic behaviour and he was thrown out twice, however, he was rehabilitated after apologising. She also stated that the entire set used to keep waiting for him to arrive on the sets when he would be under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Rashami then threw the big bomb and revealed that Siddharth once tried to get back with her after breaking ties and Arti Singh was the common friend who witnessed all this.

Recently, Salman Khan opened up about Bigg Boss contestants and their ugly fights inside the house. Talking to Pinkvilla, he said, “This season I wasn’t angry at all, I feel. Till one point, I do what I can do and see that they go in the right direction and after a point, I don’t give a damn. It is their life. I am not their father, brother and family, I am just a host. They have all watched the show and come. When I see that they go totally off and perhaps won’t get work outside, that’s when I come in. It is not a scripted show, their personalities do come out. People who know that in the industry would not want to work with such personalities, so I try and keep that as a benchmark.”