That Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz are on top of the list of the contestants who became foes from friends inside the Bigg Boss house is not hidden anymore. The two popular contestants of Bigg Boss 13 are always seen at loggerheads. So much so is the enmity that nothing could make them live peacefully – not even Salman Khan’s intervention and no amount of schooling done by guests like Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn among others. Now, if the latest media reports have anything to go by, their hatred for each other crossed another level when Siddharth once again fell prey to his aggression in an incident that is both deplorable and inhumane.

As per a report published in Spotboye, the makers of the show decided to completely edit-out a scene in which Siddharth recently peeled off Asim’s wounded skin while fighting with Rashami Desai. As mentioned in the report, it so happened that Sid and Rashami got into a solid argument over the household chores and Asim tried to intervene. This irked Sid more and he ended up scratching Asim’s skin near the armpit, eventually peeling off a part of his scratched skin. The incident was so gross that the makers apparently chopped it off from the final footage and even the discussion about the same in the house was not aired.

The report quoted a source close to the sets claiming that “Riaz’ armpits and the area below the elbow were bruised badly. Sidharth got so out of control that he peeled off Asim’s skin at certain spots with his nails.”

Bigg Boss is a strange house that challenges one’s wills and powers to live a comfortable life but the contestants are often seen indulging into violence for petty things inside the house. This season has especially emerged out as one of the most controversial seasons in all 13 years. What do you think of this incident though?

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