Day by day Bigg Boss 13 has been taking a lot of interesting twists and turns and day 42 sees yet another major development. Housemates Shehnaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla, whose friendship was most talked about, had a tiff last week after Shehnaz had the impression that Sidharth was ignoring her. Now, they finally patch up. Yes, you heard it right! The best friends forever are back and the video uploaded by the fans is so adorable that it will make you watch it again and again.

All through the week, Shehnaz was seen taunting Sidharth for ignoring her. She kept on saying she was happy to be back with Paras and his gang. However, after seven days, Shehnaz confessed her true emotions to housemate Shefali. She confided in Shefali that she was indeed missing Sidharth, and also longed for the attention that he always gave her before they fell out.

Later, in the middle of the night, Shehnaz tried to woo Sidharth. She put some flowers and a showpiece on his bedside table. Sidharth did notice this, and pulled Shehnaz towards him, and hugged her. Shehnaz hugged him, too, and they rediscovered their warmth for each other. Shefali appreciated Shehnaz’s effort to make up with Sidharth, as did Asim.

Watch the video here:

Now the question is, how will Paras respond to Shehnaz and Sidharth’s rejuvenated ‘dosti’?

Anyway, Siddharth has had a tough time interacting with most contestants in the house including Rashami Desai, Arhaan Khan, Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra. Even her good friend Arti Singh has started feeling Siddharth using her for her own advantage. Sid also had a strong argument with Asim during the last task when Asim slammed him and said ‘tu badtameez hai.’