In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, Salman Khan lashes out at Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz after their dirty fight. The Dabangg actor tells them that from the last 17-weeks they are fighting and are exchanging an ugly war of words and getting into a physical fight. Not only this, but they even start fighting in front of Salman and he gets irritated shouts at them to be quiet. He further says that he will throw them out of the house and asks Bigg Boss to open the gates so that they can go out and finish their fight. He even states that if the two of them will be a good state of mind and be physically fit after the fight they can re-enter in the house and continue with the game.

Salman further calls Sidharth and Asim ‘macho men’ and Bigg Boss opens the gate. Interestingly, initially, none of them get up to leave the house but eventually, the Dil Se Dil Tak actor gets up and says he will go out for the fight and asks Asim to come out so that they can finish the fight.

Watch the promo here:

Also, Salman Khan slams Rashami Desai for calling Vishal Aditya Singh week. The Dabangg star asks the Dil Se Dil Tak actor if she thinks that Vishal is strong or weak and she says that she feels he is a weak contender in the house. He then tells Vishal that your close friends in the house only think that he is weak. He then reveals that Vishal is safe and has fetched more votes than Rashami. He then advises her to stay focus on her game and her survival in the game so that she doesn’t get evicted from the house.

Meanwhile, singer Himesh Reshammiya enters the house and asks for a cup of tea from Mahira Sharma. She could not find the packet of tea leaves and then the singer reveals that Rashami has hit a bowl of tea leaves and then requests her to give to Mahira so that she can make tea for him. This leaves Sidharth and Mahira in a surprise and they taunt Rashami for hiding it.

Now, as per the latest reports, Shefali Jarriwala will be evicted from the house this week.