Deepshikha’s elimination from the Bigg Boss season 8 came as a shocker to us. especially when Deepshikha and Sonali Raut were found to be in the ‘unsafe” zone. Many thought that the much boring Sonali Raut will be shown the exit door yet gain but in a dramatic twist that fate had to offer Salman announced  Deepshikha’s name as the evicted contestant and the lady had to walk out of the glass-walled house. Here are the three reasons why we felt the lady should have stayed back ( we still thinks she can rebound…errr come back)

1. She’s bi@%#y: In a civilized term we must confess that Deepshikha has that argumentative and authoritative streak in her. In fact she is as much a go-getter as she is bossy. She picks up fights very easily and then sheds copious tears for the cameras. We really haven’t got enough of her foolhardiness, we need her back!

2. She’s got the moves and the masala: Yes, her exit from the show really came as a shocker when many thought that she was the interesting ingredient of the much needed tadka the game of Bigg Boss thrives on.

3. She is always on the wrong side: She can’t judge judiciously who is right and who isn’t. eventually she always finds herself on the wrong side of the fence. But doesn’t that add more chaos in the controversial house!

Salman Khan might have maintained that Deepshikha’s exit goes on to prove the fact that the one plays hard and clever is seen as a threat to other contestant. Deepika happened to be that foxy housemate. But we still have a hunch that she might be back with her vibrant and colourful personality  .