The Bigg Boss 8 contestants seem to be gripped by a rebellious attitude, the episode starts with contestants arguing about the ex contestants Kamya and Andy’s views and comments about the current inmates. They were taken aback by the ex contestant’s judgmental words. Also the Bigg Boss 8 inmates  were back lashed for defying the rules of the Bigg Boss 8 house. On day 15 the Bigg Boss inmates were given their due punishment for disobeying the rules of the Bigg Boss house, by conversing in English and coming up with different planned strategies.

The Bigg Boss punished the inmates by restricting the food ration. The food ration was restricted to only rice and dal. While the offenders were namely Puneet, Upen, Sushant, Minissha and Diandra, but  their actions have caused a major loss for all the contestants in the house.The housemates pay a heavy price for disobeying the rules. This particular incident was  a result of the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss 8. Gautam was seen bonding with Praneet and Pritam after Sukirti’s eviction. The food ration issue disturbed a lot of the inmates  Gautam and Pritam were not satisfied with the way their fellow contestants were dealt with the food.

Praneet Bhatt is seen in an all new look. He shaved off his beard, keeping his words since survived and escaped eviction. Doesn’t he look younger and more handsome than his Shakuni look?

Minissha, who is playign very safe in this season is first seen talking to Deepshikha about Arya wanting to romance Minissha. Yes, you heard it right, the actress confessed to Deepshikha that Arya had contacted her prior to entering the show and asked if she will be comfortable romancing him! But the actress refused to do so. Later in the night Minissha and  Sushant were also  seen talking about Gautam and the fact that his punishment has been prolonged far too much.

Although not much happened on day 15, what caught the inmates off guard was when they were asked for  their respective votes for the nomination. The maximum votes went to Gautam, Pritam, Sonali, Arya and Deepshikha. With none of the members being immune this week, every housemate is facing the risk of getting nominated.