Bigg Boss 8 Day 16: Babbar vs Lamba, which Family will win the luxury task this week

After the early nomination this week, the 16th day of Bigg Boss 8 started off with the luxury budget task. This task was also a hope for the inmates to earn some quality ration and additional luxury items. The task, Babbar vs Lamba, got the house mates divided into two teams. Bigg Boss did ensure that all the friends were scattered out in different teams to prevent ganging up at the same time improving communication among other inmates.

According to the task, Upen Patel (son of Lamba family) and Sonali (daughter of Babbar family) are in love. While the Babbar family has to be against this love relation, the Lamba family will be in support of the affair. The latter team had to help Upen and Sonali doing various stuffs, such as getting locked in bathroom, getting inside the pool and having a coffee date among others. The whole idea of the task was to have some fun and to improve team building by taking collective decisions. But things started to take a ugly turn when the contestants started getting offensive.

Though the task started off with lots of masti, but eventually ended up with violence and arguments that led to damage. Besides, the inmates caused some damage to the Bigg Boss property as well. The team members were so involved in their roles that they didn’t mind breaking some rules to win the game.

Karishma as usual was quite loud and was trying to pick every possible reason to make a scene. The lady is aware how to get maximum camera coverage throughout the week. Her stubborn and relentless behavior surely will land her in a big trouble, we doubt.

The day 16 of Bigg Boss was full of turmoil and the contestants had to go through lots of ups and downs to complete their luxury task. While on one hand some strained relations were seen getting back on track during the task, on the other some good friends were seen parting their ways off. Amid all the hussle and fights, the inmates were clueless whether the task has been completed or not. Now, only Bigg Boss can give a hint to the inmates where they stand. Till then we all can hope and wait to see what happens in the show tomorrow.