Bigg boss 8 day 23

The tight constraint on the weekly ration forced the Bigg Boss 8 contestants to sleep with half-fed stomach. Amid the never-ending food crisis, luxury task is the only way to get access to some quality food in this glass-walled house. To add relief to the increasing worries of the inmates, Bigg Boss announced the luxury task of the week ‘Super Hero Vs Super Villian.’ According to the task, Karishma Tanna will be the Super Hero and Pritam the Super Villain and the two have to convince other contestants to join their respective teams. The team with majority members will be declared as the winning team, while the captian of the losing team will be directly nominated for next week’s elimination.

While most of the inmates chose to join Pritam, Tanna was left with only few heroes- Minissha, Diandra and Natasha. Karishma’s attempts to convince the housemates to join her team were simply falling flat. Looks like her behavior towards the co-contestants in the past few weeks had taken a toll on her, especially with this task. Seeing the captain in a helpless situation, Minissha advised Karishma to genuinely apologize for her mistakes to expand her team and win the task. The Drama Queen, known for her sporty spirit, quickly got to action and also succeeded in victimizing Puneet Issar to her emotional apology.

But Puneet played smarter, despite wearing a red t-shirt he was playing a villain and leaked all her plans to Pritam, the Super Villian. Though both the team leaders were trying to expand their team, the task was indeed a boring sight to witness. Karishma somehow succeeded in convincing Arya, Soni, Upen and Sushant to join her team- Super Heroes, but the Villains played smarter and hid the red t-shirts of the opponent team to prevent them from winning.

Any task in Bigg Boss house means chaos and controversies. However Hero Vs Villian task was the most ‘thanda’ task of the Bigg Boss house, so far in all the seasons. The winners of the task will only be revealed in the next episode. Till then we just hope that the showmakers add some masala to not only the on-going thanda task but also to the controversial show, so as to make it more interesting to watch!