Day 40 of Bigg Boss season 8 can easily be termed as one of the most explosive and controversially colourful days of the season, as some contestants were made to stand in the dock. Some charges were leveled against some contestants and caustic accusations were also hurled at some folks.  Those who were found guilty were given a chance to explain their case as well as they could defense themselves. When the angry young man of the house Gautam Gulati was called in for his obnoxious behavior and for his seemingly over-acting, Mr Angry man of the house turned the tables on Upen Patel without blinking his eyelid. Gautam in his defense stated that it was Upen Patel who had started that argument as he had no business making a nasty remark and a personal comment on Gulati’s style. The stoic Upen could not say much to save the situation and the argument ultimately turned into more chaos and confusions as Gautam continued to be his arrogant self throughout the debate.

The ugly spat did not stop there. When Arya Babbar was called in for allegedly being a dog of the house who simply wags his tail and favours the one who happens to assume more power in this game, Gautam unabashedly admitted that it was him who thought that Arya is a kutta. When Praneet Bhatt tried to intervene in this situation, Gautam snapped at Praneet and even called him a double dholki. Bhatt took offence to that comment and raised his voice to state the fact that he has never played any double game with anybody in the house. He also added that he was there in the glass-walled house to play the game fairly and always tried to maintain a good rapport with everyone,

Now you tell us Indians, don’t you think Gautam Gulati is crossing his limits and he should be reprimanded for his irresponsible behavior?