Bigg Boss 8 Day 45 Recap: Is Puneet Issar’s re-entry in the Bigg Boss house justifiable?

Today will be the second day of Bigg Boss 8 task ‘Ochhi Hai Building?’. The luxury budget task which was abruptly stopped yesterday due to Puneet Issar’s offensive behavior was restarted again. Both the teams had to continue with the task as decided yesterday. Since Arya Babbar was injured while he was manhandled and injured by Puneet in the first day of the task, the captain of the house asked him not to participate today.

While one team has to construct a building using the bricks, the opponent team has to ensure they suppress their every effort that enables them to do so. Gautam and his team were successful in making the building and were declared as winners of the first part. Ali was seen getting little offensive and Arya, who was acting injured was seen in her transformed angry man look while playing his task. Pritam and Gautam felt hurt with Arya’s behavior as all his drama related to yesterday’s incident got Puneet evicted from the show. (Read Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar review: Minissha Lamba eliminated; nominates Sushant Divgikar as ‘Sevak’)

Considering the nature of the task, physical violence is quite evident. Either of the team members ended up with some injuries, be it small or grave ones. It is generally seen that the housemates get engrossed with the luxury budget tasks and end with causing some harm to others. While some inmates don’t mind the trouble, some take this as a cue to create a controversy out of it. And controversies are something that Bigg Boss house is acknowledged for.

Following the completion of the task, Puneet Issar’s sensitized apology came as a soothing balm for enraged Arya and other house mates. Was this a hint that Puneet will make his way back into the house? Well, we guess so! But will his entry be justifiable to his actions? Only the coming days will tell that.