His reputation in the house was formed by his meek behaviour and his ability to sway according to the ever changing ‘power-situation’. His stay in the house in Bigg Boss season 8 really was remarkable, not in the good way though. Arya Babbar came across as an individual who  never put his grey matter to use. He was childish (not childlike-and there’s diffrence between the two), impulsive and almost always confused. He opened his mouth at the wrong time for  all the wrong reasons. He even switched sides according to his whims and fancies. His stay in the house has come to an end now. Arya always had an ‘expert opinion’ ready about everyone and every situation unfolded in the house-not that it matter, but the Babbar lad always demonstrated his lack of integrity, wit and wisdom.  No wonder he was always at the receiving end of some furious verbal battles.

Karishma Tanna and Arya Babbar was nominated for this week’s eviction. And finally Arya did not get enough votes that eventually led to his removal. The episode saw Arjun Kapoor visiting the house to promote his forthcoming movie Tevar co-starring Manoj Bajpayee and Sonakshi Sinha. Arjun played a fun task with the inmates and asked to choose a contestant of their choice who shows too much tevar (attitude). Most of the folks thought Ali Quli Mirza needs to change his manners, his attitude towards life and his behavior in general.

Interestingly, Salman asked the contestants who would they want to keep in the house between Gautam and Karishma. Renne,Ali, Praneet, Gautam and apparently most of the gang wanted Arya to stay back. Unfortunately, its Karishma who stays back in the house!