Who would have thought that the secret society which was formed to keep a close watch on the controversial inmates of the Bigg Boss’s house would find itself divided. Yes, Deepshikha Nagpal, RJ Pritam Pyare and Puneet Issar-the trio that formed secret society for Bigg Boss season 8 were not exactly operating as a unit.

Deepshikha’s eviction from the show reinstated that fact in no uncertain way. Yes, her exit from the show really came as a shocker when many thought that she was the interesting ingredient of the much needed masala the game of Bigg Boss thrives on.

This move surprised one and all,  especially when Deepshikha and Sonali Raut were found to be ‘unsafe”. Many thought the axe would eventually fall on Sonali Raut. But the unexpected event occurred and Deepshikha had to walk out of the house lock, stock and barrel. Once out of the show Nagpal was given an opportunity to throw a bomb of possible eviction on any of the housemates (she could nominate any inmate of her choice). And that explosive landed straight into the lap of Puneet Issar.

Deepshikha confessed that she always held Puneet Issar in the highest regards. She even added that while the other contestants thought that Puneet was in the house to create rifts and divisions, it was her who took the fellow contestants  into confidence. She claimed that she even changed Punnet’s image that people had made in their prejudiced minds ” I told everyone that Puneet sir is here to spread love,” said Deepshikha.

In a video clip that was shown in the episode we saw Punnet was bad-mouthing about Deepshikha. “I realize that everything is fair in love and war. And Bigg Boss is a game. So I have no regrets and I forgive everyone,” added the lady.

Now you tell us folks- do you think Punnet’s words must have influenced the housemates which in turn led to Deepshikha’s highly unexpected exit from the show?