Ajaz Khan will be seen in the Bigg Boss 8 house again and it seems he comes back on public demand. He is not a challenger or a champion but just a guest who is mostly just going to enter the house for a last week storm. Ajaz Khan cannot be evicted with just two days left for the Bigg Boss 8 season finale.

Ajaz Khan was introduced as the first Challenger in the house in Bigg Boss Season 8. Bigg Boss had to step in after a violent incident with Ali Quli Mirza following which Ajaz Khan was thrown out of the BB8 house citing violence as the reason. Bringing Ajaz Khan seems to be another pathetic attempt by the makers of the show to get more views on a very ‘safe’ season where the contestants have failed to gather as many views on YouTube or get as much ratings as compared to previous seasons of Bigg Boss.

There are media reports that Salman Khan left the show because he had a disagreement about extending the show following delay in Chakravartin Ashok’s debut at the 9 pm slot on the Colors channel. The makers of Bigg Boss 8 had to extend the show to compensate for the delay in the replacement show’s airing date and the format change didn’t go down well with Salman Khan who left the show saying that he has given his dates to his upcoming film, Bajrangi Bhaijaan. There are only five members left in the house and Ajaz Khan’s entrance will definitely start a few fights.