Gautam Gulati seems to have won Bigg Boss 8 as we are getting lots of media reports with pictures that the former Diya Aur Baati Hum star has won. Karishma Tanna and Pritam Singh have come second and third according to media reports as Gautam has been seen holding the much sought after trophy with his brother on the sets of Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Grand Finale.

There will be appearances from the show that will take the 9 pm slot on Colors, Chakravartin Ashok Samrat, and big names from Bollywood  like Malaika Arora Khan and Sonakshi Sinha will evict Ali Quli Mirza and Dimpy Mahajan after performances in the house.

Rohit Shetty will be entering the house to promote the Khatron Ke Khiladi television show that has already begun. To the surprise of Gautam, Karishma and Pritam, Rohit Shetty takes them to the activity area and they find Sana Khan, Hussain and Ashish Chaudhary, who are contestants on the show, waiting for them.

Update 11 pm- The final twist of the game is that the three people are given a choice and Pritam takes it with the camera showing Pritam’s wife showing obvious outrage on his decision. Rajat Sharma declares that his decision is right. Farah Khan declares that Gautam Gulati is the winner and the Bigg Boss 8 show comes to an end.

Update 10:45 pm- Rajat Sharma asks Gautam Gulati why he portrays himself as a victim and an underdog. Rajat Sharma shows video on how Gautam has been supported by various people in the house at different times in the house. Gautam Gulati answers all allegations and Rajat Sharma calls Karishma Tanna next to answer his questions. He asks Karishma Tanna why she got defensive about Pritam flirting with her and she cried about it which was made a huge fuss about by Salman Khan. Karishma Tanna is also asked about her dignity and what she did with Upen Patel and also about her boyfriend, Rushabh Choksi. Karishma answers his questions directly and is let go of only for Pritam Singh to be called upon the stage. Pritam Singh is asked why he can’t stay with his decisions. Rajat Sharma finishes his round of grilling the finalists and Farah Khan returns for the final twist. The three are sent to a special room for the final twist.

Update 10:30 pm- Bigg Boss shows the final three another video of their struggles and the path they paved to get here with their own experiences they share. Bigg Boss invites the three to turn off the lights in the house and walk out of the house as the pathway is illuminated with fireworks. Just at the gate they all turn and say goodbye to the house that has been their residence for the last 132 days. Rajat Sharma comes on the stage to take the final three to court and ask difficult questions for them.

Update 10:15 pm- Ajaz Khan enters the house to take Ali Quli Mirza out of the house. Rohit Shetty is welcomed to the Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Grand Finale and he promotes his show declaring that Khatron Ke Khilade Darr Ka Blockbuster returns. Sana Khan, Hussain and Ashish Chaudhary dance to a Bollywood mashup of songs. Rohit Shetty enters the house in the activity area with Gautam, Pritam and Karishma along with Hussain, Sana Khan and Ashish Chaudhary waiting there. After a brief gag to scare Karishma Tanna, Gautam, Pritam and Karishma ride bicycles through a huge pane of glass. Bigg Boss announces that Karishma Tanna, Gautam Gulati and Pritam Singh are the final three who are two steps away from the title of Bigg Boss 8 winner.

Update 10 pm- Pritam Singh is called upon to by Sonakshi Sinha after his video is shown. She asks Pritam why he felt attracted towards Karishma and he gives witty answers. Sonakshi gives Pritam a kiss on his cheek and a gift as well as Sonakshi declares that she will take one of the five finalists out of the house and the game to win the title. Sonakshi Sinha announces Dimpy Mahajan that will leave the game and the house with her. Dimpy Mahajan hugs the other four remaining finalists and bids adieu as she leaves with Sonakshi Sinha. Dimpy Mahajan enters the Grand Finale stage with Sonakshi Sinha for Farah Khan to take over. Farah Khan asks Sonakshi Sinha who her favourite contestant is and she says that Pritam Singh is her best bet. The main leading cast of Chakavartin Ashok Samrat entertains the final five earlier in the day and the video of that is shown to the viewers. There is another person of the top four to be removed from the race and Farah Khan states that someone will enter the house. Ajaz Khan enters the house and this time it will be Ali Quli Mirza who gets taken out of the house.

Update 9:45 pm- Sonakshi Sinha enters the house to entertain the final five. Lots of dancers dressed as police officers dance around Sonakshi Sinha as a mashup of songs is played from her movies. A video montage of the highs and lows in the house are shown to Karishma Tanna with emphasis on Upen Patel. Sonakshi Sinha questions Karishma Patel about Upen Patel and there are a lot of fun and games about the plan for the future after the show. Karishma gets an award from Sonakshi and Dimpy Mahajan is called upon next to the hot seat. A video parody about Dimpy’s crying and the her tactics to win support out of sympathy.

Update 9:30 pm- The five finalists are sitting on the couch in the garden area with a a big screen to show Farah Khan from the stage. The near and dear ones of the final five have their messages recorded and shown in an emotional video. Farah Khan informs them that the last twist will remain about the golden suitcase and the additional Rs 25 lakh rupees prize money.

Update 9:15 pm- After a Farah Khan starts the show followed by a brief video montage for each Bigg Boss 8 inmate, she enters the house and gives all five finalists a makeover. Malaika Arora Khan gives a scintillating performance with a foggy floor to add a cool effect.